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Samantha's backstage with the previously-announced-as-safe couples. She asks Ty how he feels about Len's pronouncement last night. Ty says he's been determined all along, and it doesn't come easy. Samantha asks Kim who she would be shocked to see go, like she's going to answer that. Derek takes over and says that the scores are so close at this point, that the leaderboard doesn't tell you anything about who's going home.

Tom's ready to reveal one more safe couple, and it is...Gilles and Cheryl. So it's down to either Melissa and Tony, Shawn and Mark, or Chuck and Julianne. Tom points out that all of Team Tango is safe. As we go to break, there's another parody, this of the "I'd Rather Go Naked" PSAs that PETA did a while back. Except this time, the pros would rather go naked than continue to see professional dancers get hurt for the show.

So the remaining four potential pro dancers are back to compete again. We have Genya, Afton, Mayo, and Anna. Except for the last one, those are some weirdo names. Tom reminds us that the judges will give some critiques, but no scores. Genya and Afton will be dancing the quickstep, and Genya confesses that he has done a lot of Latin but hasn't done ballroom in a long time. Afton is there to help him out, because she's been trained in a lot of different styles. They're both kind of goofy in rehearsal, which I enjoy. So how's their quickstep? Well, their steps are definitely quick, and they cover a lot of the floor. The pace is good too, although I think the footwork could actually be more complex. But who cares about what I think; what do the judges say? Len noticed a small blunder, but he thought it was fast and had lots of energy. Bruno liked their characterization, and how they showed their personality. Carrie Ann says she couldn't tell that Genya hadn't done the quickstep in a while. Backstage, Samantha gives the numbers for voting.

The next couple will be Mayo and Anna, who also danced together last week. They both have a lot of ballroom experience, and not as much Latin, but they're excited for the challenge. Mayo's body still freaks me out. He's just so tall and lanky and skinny. They begin their jive. Something about their jive doesn't quite work for me. The technique looks good, from what I can tell, but they don't seem to be feeling the music or something. It's like when trained ballerinas try to dance to pop or rap music and it's not quite right. Something about the way Anna does it reminds me of Lisa Rinna's weird legwork. Anyway, Carrie Ann was pleasantly surprised by how well they did. Len says he was proven wrong, because tall people can dance Latin well. Bruno thought it was clean and sharp, and he tells Anna that she dances like an angel. Len cringes away from Bruno's exuberance. Next week, Tom explains that the remaining potential pros will dance with a celebrity partner. That's what I'm talking about! My vote goes to, I guess, Genya and Anna still. Although Afton kind of won me over this week.

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