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Last week, the last slacker went home, as LT was eliminated, and now the pressure is totally on. Plus, the dancers have to dance as a couple and then as part of a team, so it's a whole new challenge! I feel like they go to two dances per night a lot earlier than this usually. Checking Wikipedia and...I'm totally wrong. Usually this week is the first time the couples are given two scores; it's just that last season and this season the second score is for the team dance, whereas before that, the second score was for a second dance as a couple. This season just seems to be going slowly to me but maybe it's because there's no inevitable frontrunner. So tonight we get to see each couple perform twice and it will be LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom and Samantha introduce the couples and we get the super-extended theme song once again, probably because there are fewer people to introduce these days. People were abuzz in the forums because Jewel said on Twitter that Ty was getting his first spray tan this week, and lo and behold, he does have some color. It looks pretty good, though -- not the terrible dark orange that a lot of them have. He looks fairly natural. Spray tanning does make me nervous, though. I did it once, and it kind of freaked me out to have all those chemicals in such an enclosed space, even though I held my breath the best I could. I guess it's better than skin cancer, although time will tell. Anyway, on that down note, the final couple is introduced and it's Tony and Melissa. Except there's no Melissa. Tony's walking down the steps by himself. What's going on? In the lineup, Tony looks very serious. Tom explains that Melissa has been injured and won't be dancing tonight, and they'll explain how that will work later. Samantha explains the team thing: one team will be doing mambo and the other will be doing the tango, and their team score will be added to their individual score.

Gilles and Cheryl are up first. Last week, Gilles and Cheryl got high scores but still ended up in third place, and Gilles says he's feeling scared that he's falling down the leader board. As they rehearse the Lindy Hop, Gilles has trouble with his shoulder, so he goes to the doctor to get a cortisone shot. The routine Cheryl has devised has a lot of lifts and tricks, and she explains that if Gilles doesn't commit to it one hundred percent, it's going to be a disaster. In fact, in rehearsal, he drops Cheryl almost on her head at one point. So this should be interesting. It's also interesting because Gilles is dressed in bright green and purple with a giant pompadour. We're talking Brad Pitt in Johnny Suede giant. I feel like this is a huge miscalculation on Cheryl's part (assuming she came up with the character/costumes) -- I think throughout, they're going for sort of a '40s cartoon style nerd, but Gilles's strength is smoldering and sexy. They should have done a '40s gangster type because this just isn't working for me, and I've made no secret that Gilles is my favorite. It doesn't help that throughout the first half or so of the dance, Gilles is off the beat. And the other thing this couple does well is have amazing chemistry, but they spend most of the routine chasing each other up and down the stairs or around the floor instead of dancing together. I don't know what the judges will say, but this is a big miss for me. I hope they do better in the team dance. I will say that Gilles is really enjoying the nerd character.

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