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Len points out that the French are famous for lots of things, and he wants to add Lindy Hop to the list. Bruno also liked it, and enjoyed Gilles's versatility and comedic performance. Carrie Ann enjoys seeing a new side of Gilles. Man, I could not disagree more. Maybe I'm just cranky because we're having record-breaking heat and I'm sitting here with a laptop burning up my lap. Backstage, Gilles says that his shoulder wasn't really a factor this week. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Gilles and Cheryl are thrilled with that score.

Lil Kim and Derek are the next couple to dance. Last week, Kim tried to tone herself down and was scolded by the judges. So this week, Derek declares that the queen bee will be back in the paso doble. Kim struggles since she loves to move her hips and that isn't supposed to happen in the paso. Kim is excited to bring her strength and aggression to the dance floor since that's what she's known for in the rap world. Their paso begins, and Kim is more covered up than usual, but it works for her because her skirt is long and swirly and she uses it almost like another appendage to extend her lines. I still can't believe how, for such a petite lady, she makes such big movements on the floor. She and Derek don't miss a beat, although I am getting a little tired of the Lil Kim face that she makes in every dance. Luckily, her grace and power overcome her facial expressions. They end with Derek dragging Kim along the floor as her skirt swirls out like a cape, and immediately get a standing ovation. It's not my all-time favorite paso -- I think that belongs to Maks and Mel -- but it's pretty damn good. The audience jumps up into a standing ovation.

Bruno jumps up and yells, "The bitch is back and she means business!" He goes on to say that it was a classic paso doble. Carrie Ann loved that Kim showed off her passion and strength, but she also brought elegance and beauty to the routine. Len thinks this competition isn't just about mastering the dances you're good at, but it's about doing well in the dances you aren't good at. Len didn't have high hopes for her with this routine, and he was more than pleasantly surprised. Kim doles out hugs and kisses to all of the judges before heading backstage. Have you ever noticed that Samantha only calls African-American women "girl"? It's a theory I have. I'll have to pay closer attention and see if it's true. Anyway, scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 10.

Last week, Julianne and Chuck hit the big time with their samba and finally joined the top of the leaderboard and felt like they were finally in contention. Julianne hopes that they can use the flirtiness and goofiness of their real-life relationship to do well in the cha cha. Chuck really wants to catch up with Gilles for some reason. Not sure why Gilles is specifically being targeted. Their cha cha is full of energy and quite sexual; I wonder if Len will think it's too raunchy. Chuck has definitely lost the upper-body stiffness he was showing in the beginning of the season, which is a good thing.

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