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Carrie Ann tells Chuck that he's definitely in the game, and tells him to watch his chin. Len thinks Chuck is getting stronger and stronger, and had good hip action, but he needs to work on his arms a bit. Bruno compliments Chuck on his "great bum action," but he needs to place his arms instead of just throwing them out there. The crowd is really behind Chuck and Julianne and they're usually not quite this vocal for this pair. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 8. They're a little disappointed with Bruno's slightly lower score, but feel like they are breaking through at the right time.

Shawn got her first ten of the season from Bruno last week, and was thrilled, but now she wants another one with the samba. Shawn has a hard time learning the feminine side of the samba from Mark, so he brings in his mother Shirley, who's a three-time Latin world champion, to help out. Shawn gives some interviews where she sounds like she's reading from cue cards. I'd like to see some more authenticity from her in those on-camera interviews. So they start their samba to one of my favorite Kool & The Gang songs, "Get Down On It," but it's really slow. Shawn gets the steps perfect, as usual, and she actually looks like she's hearing the music, which I noticed from her last week as well. That's new for her in the last two weeks. I'm not crazy about the routine though. It almost seems like it's in slow motion and it's kind of boring. Technically good, but I'm not feeling the energy.

Len doesn't think that Shawn will ever do poorly, but she needs to be great at this stage in the competition. It was okay, but not her best. Bruno tells Shawn that she's not Lady Gaga yet, but it was a good samba. I don't know what that means. Carrie Ann points out that becoming Lady Gaga isn't the point of the competition, and that Shawn nailed every step and had great technique. But is that enough, as Len said, at this point in the competition? Backstage, Samantha asks them about the team dance, and Mark says that Chuck is Team Mambo's secret weapon. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 8, and Bruno 9. Wow, the judges are all over the place.

Now we get to find out what's up with Melissa. She came in first last week with her Argentine tango. Her injury must have happened recently, because it seems like they're just showing the clip package they would have shown if she were healthy, and it's all about the trouble she had in learning the jive. During one move, Melissa starts whimpering and kneels on the floor. Melissa explains that she hurt her ribs last week and she reinjured it this week, so she went to the doctor, who told her that she has a hairline fracture of the ribs. He said she could continue dancing, but that she had to take it easy. Tony thought they shouldn't practice more, but Melissa didn't think she knew the routine well enough. Cut to Tom, who explains that Melissa's pain progressed all day and won't be able to perform tonight. As with Steve-O, the judges and home viewers will be basing their scores on the rehearsal footage. There are two things that suck for them about this. First, Melissa is clearly not performing the routine, although she does a great job with the footwork and technique. But she's not smiling, or full of energy, like she usually is. And second, near the end, Melissa kind of starts walking through the steps, perhaps trying to prevent further injury, and the ending is just awkward. It's a shame. The jive isn't my favorite, but I know a healthy Melissa would have done a good job with it. Oh, and the other problem they have is that Melissa is wearing the lowest-cut jeans ever and her butt crack is kind of hanging out, so she stops halfway through the dance to pull up her pants.

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