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After the break, it's time to reveal (in no particular order of course) the first couple that will be moving on to the semifinals. And that couple is...Gilles and Cheryl. Gilles is thrilled. He was obviously worried that he might be going home, and frankly, it was possible.

And we're back for the second half of DanceCenter. Melissa is up for review first. Her height and shoe size are listed as pretty. Kenny leads into a discussion of how Melissa was humiliated on national television...by Tony. Len defends Tony, but they use doctored up rehearsal footage to manufacture a case that Tony is bullying Melissa in rehearsals. All in good fun, Tony. Finally, they get to Gilles. Kenny complains that Gilles is prostituting himself and doesn't even have that great of a body. Cut back to the anchor desk, where all three men have removed their shirts. Len might have the best body of the three of them! Len! Who knew? I'm going to assume those are fake tattoos, since he's also wearing a thick gold chain, but whodathunk it? Kenny is just a lump of bread dough. And then that's it. Kind of disappointing, although better than yet another lame clip package.

It's time for the professional dance routine of the week. Samantha promises the biggest stars the ballroom has ever seen. I'm all confused when the Coldplay music starts playing. Are Coldplay performing live? Wouldn't that have been hyped more? As the camera pulls back so we can see the whole stage, there's no band. And then I finally figure it out -- they're dancing on a giant star-shaped sculpture set up in the middle of the floor. Get it? A giant star? I'm not that bright. So anyway, a bunch of people dance around, in, and on the star but as I've said before, I watch this show to see ballroom dancing, so it's not my favorite. I do enjoy the part at the end where they all dance in unison because any time you can get more than two people to dance in unison, I find it impressive.

The pro competition takes a twist this week, as each remaining potential pro has been paired with a celebrity from a past season to perform a routine. First up is Afton, who has been paired with Cody Linley. Their rehearsal time is cut into by Cody's responsibilities on Hannah Montana. Like Julianne, Afton has a hard time getting Cody to focus. So did her hard work pay off? Their samba begins. I'm looking for mistakes in Cody's part because I figure that is a result of lack of direction from Afton. The biggest problem he has is that his hands are pancake flat instead of Latin, and it's noticeable because his arms and legs are so long. I also don't see a lot of that typical samba rise and fall, but Cody doesn't screw up. I'm not crazy about the choreography, though. Len gives the first critique and says that he likes how Afton tried to eliminate Cody's stiffness. Bruno thought Afton brought out Cody's strength. Carrie Ann thought Afton did well also. Hmm. Maybe because they're not offering scores, they're also not going to be terribly critical? Because it was good, but it wasn't THAT good. Backstage, Cody has many compliments for Afton's teaching skills.

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