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After the break, it's time to find out one more couple that will be joining Gilles and Cheryl in the semifinals. And that couples is... Melissa and Tony. I will probably end up being totally wrong, but I really think that if Ty were staying, they would have revealed that he was safe already, to up the stakes.

Mayo and Lisa Rinna are the next couple to perform. They rehearse the quickstep, and Lisa has trouble getting used to dancing with him, because he's so tall. Mayo realizes that he can get Lisa to do what he wants by telling her that she looks timid. I do wish sometimes they'd get more into the psychology of teaching the amateurs; maybe that could be a clip package, because I find that really interesting. So they start their quickstep. It opens with Lisa doing a cartwheel across Mayo's legs, and it looks quite awkward. Not sure if that's bad choreography or if it's Lisa's fault. They're dancing to a super-slow version of "Walking on Sunshine." And the routine is not very quicksteppy at all. It's kind of slow and sexy and a lot of it is done out of hold. Not my favorite routine. I'm such a negative nelly. [Loved Tom's comment that he had been seeing a lot of Lisa lately... in a nod to her Playboy spread. -- Angel] Judges? Bruno thinks Mayo took advantage of Lisa's assets. Carrie Ann thought it was a little out of control at times. Len liked that they pushed the boundaries. Really? Len liked that they pushed the boundaries? Backstage, Lisa plugs how patient Mayo was with her. Ooh, Lisa has had more work done since I last saw her. Her face is looking really pinched. I don't even think her lips are bigger, which is her usual change; I think she's had a lift or something. She's beautiful; she needs to stop screwing up her grill.

The final potential pro couple is Anna and Maurice. In rehearsal, Maurice admits that he's never done the tango before, and that's what they're doing. Anna wonders why he picked that one, but Maurice says it will test her teaching ability. Anna is a taskmaster, but Maurice admits she's not as bad as Cheryl. Anna takes responsibility for Maurice's performance, so let's see it! Maurice's posture and frame look great, but he's a little flat-footed, and this is a dance that requires great footwork. His facial expressions are good, though, and he doesn't screw up. Given how long it's been since these celebs have been in training, that impresses me. Carrie Ann thought it was great, and even says that they could head to the semifinals. Len thinks Anna brought the most out in her celebrity of anyone. Bruno thinks Anna is a miracle worker because Maurice has never looked better. Ooh. That's kind of a burn on Cheryl, no? Backstage, Maurice says that Cheryl and Anna are both great teachers. Samantha totally bumbles her question to Anna. What a pro. Tom explains next week that the last two potential pros will be paired with a current pro and have to choreograph both a Latin and a ballroom number.

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