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Anne is dancing with Maks, who admits that he's very picky about choreography. Anna thinks that she can deal with Maks by being even tougher than him. Maks admits that she knows exactly what she's doing. So their first dance is the quickstep. I think Maks has put on some weight in his off weeks. His butt looks big. Ironic for the dude who made some (later rescinded) comments about Cheryl and Lacey's weight last season. Despite that, the quickstep is really lovely. It's actually quick! And there are a lot of steps! I love it. Bruno thought it was magnificent and lightning fast, and it combined both technique and performance. Carrie Ann thinks she almost outshined Maks. Len also thinks she brought the best out in Maks.

Tom announces that there have been only four times this season where the couple with the lowest judges' scores has gone home. So Samantha is backstage with Gilles, who had the highest scores from last night, and Ty, who had the lowest. Gilles says he's not totally confident they're staying. Ty repeats his normal statement that he's surprised to still be there, but he's willing to work hard if he gets to stay.

It's time to find out the winners of the Design-A-Dance contest. It will be a quickstep danced by Julianne and Lacey, along with Mark and Derek. Huh? Why so many? Derek and Julianne dance together, and then Mark and Lacey dance together. They do swap partners throughout, and there's a lot of dancing done out of hold as well. And then Derek pretends to play a trumpet and Mark pretends to play a trombone. This dance is dumb. At one point, Derek and Mark dance together while Julianne and Lacey dance together. And then the girls are up on wheeled tables being rolled around the floor? I have no idea. What a waste.

Mayo and Kym are back to do their cha cha cha. Mayo is dressed like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, if you took John Travolta and stretched him out on a rack and then flattened him with a heavy weight. The song is "Shake Your Groove Thing" but about ten times slower than the original. The choreography is really fun, but Mayo is stiff as a board. His idea of personality is making guppy faces. Carrie Ann wonders if Mayo is versatile enough, even though he is a wonderful dancer. Len thinks the tango was better than this one, but they were both good. Bruno counsels Mayo against taking risks without knowing the possible reward. No one seems to know what in the hell Bruno is talking about, as usual, but I think that was the gist. Luckily Tom is there to go, "Oooooookay then."

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