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I Try to Do A Waltz And I Stumble

So she wasn't horrible in the clip package, but how will she do in her salsa? Well, she's wearing fringed pants like Karina wore on the Emmys, which do well to emphasize her hip action. She definitely looks like she's having fun out there. The one thing that's missing is much salsa in hold; they don't cover any of the dance floor. They start out in the center of the floor and by the end, they've moved maybe a few feet to the side. That makes me wonder what Derek is covering up with his choreography. Is her footwork really bad? She didn't do much footwork; there was a lot more standing still with hip shaking and then a turn and dip. So I don't know how to judge her, because she didn't actually move all that much.

Len is happy because he thought it was "a hot, smoking salsa." Bruno kind of growls at her, and compliments Derek's choreography. Carrie Ann agrees that it was hot. I guess you don't have to cover the floor much in the salsa, but now I'm interested to see their relay dance, because I still don't know if she can move. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8 for a total of 24. I agree that what I saw was good.

The last couple tonight (before the relays dances) is Kelly Osbourne and Louis. I have a soft spot for Kelly Osbourne; even when she was being a total brat on her reality show or mouthing off in the press, I kind of love her. Just wanted to put that on front street. What I don't really love is her outfit/hair tonight. I think the platinum blonde looks good on her - very "True Blue"-era Madonna - but the style combined with her ugly dress make her look about forty years old. In rehearsals, Louis tries to work with Kelly on becoming a lady instead of a tomboy.

Their waltz begins with the whole walking slowly towards each other thing, which I hate. But I freaking love this song: "Trouble" by Ray LaMontagne. And when they go into hold and waltz around the floor, the crowd cheers and Kelly breaks into a really genuine grin, which is adorable. She looks great! Her arms are very graceful, and Louis capitalized on this by putting in a lot of sweeping arm motions. They have an illegal lift at the end, but who cares? It's beautiful. And you can see Sharon crying in the audience at the end, which is so sweet. Also, LaToya Jackson is there. I don't know. Before Kelly hears from the judges, she runs across the floor and hugs her dad. Aw.

Bruno can't believe that "the wild child" has transformed into a princess. Carrie Ann thinks her parents should be proud, and she compliments Louis's teaching. She does call them on the lift and Kelly says that she tried really hard to keep her foot on the ground and failed. Len keeps it short and says that it was the best Viennese waltz of the night. Backstage, Samantha and Kelly are both crying and Kelly says it was the most fun she's ever had in her life. You guys, I'm kind of having a moment. I'm pregnant. This show can't do this to me, I'm all hormonal. Anyway, scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 8 for a total of 23.

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