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I Try to Do A Waltz And I Stumble

The women are back to perform in their relay dances, just like the men did last night. The first group is Natalie, Kathy, Joanne, and Debi with their partners, doing the foxtrot. Natalie goes first, and she looks slinky. Her serious face works better for this routine, and she does an awesome job. Kathy comes out second and she starts out great, but loses it a little in the middle. Joanna comes out third and she's not as good as she was in the salsa, maybe because this is out of character for her? Debi is last; she moves well but lacks a little grace and they have a big lift at the end. From bottom to top, I would say Debi, Joanna, Kathy, and Natalie.

Carrie Ann mentions the lift but says she can't take off points, so it doesn't matter. She tells Joanna she was beautiful, as was Natalie, but Kathy needed to watch her footwork and Debi was "muscling her moves." Len liked Natalie's movements and extension, and he wants Kathy to move more. He admires Joanna's moves both in and out of hold, and recognizes that Debi did most of their portion in hold, which is harder. Bruno loves Natalie's fluidity, Kathy's elegance, Joanna's sexiness and Debi's performance. While he's talking, Maks messes up Derek's carefully placed hair. The judges' rank from bottom to top: Kathy, Debi, Natalie and Joanna. Wow, did I get that one wrong. I think I just don't like Joanna. But I really thought Natalie was better.

So now it's time for the other group: Macy, Melissa, Mya and Kelly, with their partners, doing the cha cha cha. First out is Macy, and you guys, she is hilarious. She still looks like a little kid, and I think her biggest problem (well, maybe not her BIGGEST problem) is that she doesn't bend her knees. She just kind of shuffles her feet along the floor and doesn't pick them up. She's terrible, and yet I could watch her all day. Melissa comes out second, and she's got a little more hip action but she seems to be a bit behind the beat. It is quite fast though. Mya comes out third, and she has surprisingly little hip action, but tons of sass. Kelly comes out last to huge cheers from the audience. Her footwork and arms are great, but she needs to watch her posture. She has a small flub during the end and cracks up about it. She's just so charming; I hope her energy and attitude don't leave after the first week. So my ranking bottom to top would be: Macy, Melissa, Mya and Kelly. Yeah, I put Kelly ahead of Mya.

Len goes first, and tells Macy that she didn't rehearse enough, and says that Melissa improved, Mya had great hips (really?) and Kelly had another first-class dance. Bruno tells Macy she had better timing, Melissa had fun, Mya had great foot placement and Kelly was unbelievably good. Carrie Ann wants Macy to work a little bit harder, thought Melissa came out of her shell, Mya was crisp and Kelly had great legwork. They cut to Sharon in the audience, and she looks so nervous. Do they know Sharon's reputation? She will poop right on the judges' desk if they give her daughter a bad score. Rankings bottom to top: Macy, Melissa, Kelly and Mya. Well, I knew they'd put Mya first.

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