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You guys, what did Courtney Cox do to her poor face? I think she's been hanging out with Christa Miller too much. I do hope her new show, which has a horrible title, does well because I like that Busy Phillips. Anyway, let's find out which of the female celebrities are safe. The first safe couple is... Natalie and Alec. Also returning are... Mya and Dmitri.

Another pretaped segment, this one featuring Adam Carolla. Anyone who has read my weecaps before knows that I have a soft spot for him, so bear with me. So Adam (or rather his stunt double) rides in on a unicycle and then takes a coaching position in front of the male celebs to give them a pep talk. He says it's been four seasons since a man won the competition, and it was so long ago that "Len was in the Army, Carrie Ann was in diapers, and Bruno was in the closet. Possibly wearing diapers." Donny Osmond gives him lip, so Adam gets in his face and points out that Donny is 51 and maybe it's time we start calling him Don. After getting in the faces of some of the other dudes, Adam introduces the female celebs via photos on a blackboard. So then he just starts smashing stuff and screaming and tries to get the guys to put a hand in, but they all just get up and leave. Come on. Again, better than listening to Sean Kingston singing again.

The cast of The Lion King appears to do a routine to "Circle of Life." So you know, if you've seen the Broadway show, you know what this is about. Dancers. Puppets. Spectacle. It's actually quite cool visually, and I'm sure in person it's even more amazing.

It's time to find out three more couples that have made it through to the next round. The first couple returning is... Melissa and Mark. The second is... Joanna and Derek. And the third is... Debi and Maks. Maks looks thrilled. I think he was really worried. So going home will be Kathy, Macy, or Kelly. Kelly looks like she's about to throw up.

Backstage, Samantha talks to Natalie and Mya. Natalie can't even talk, because she's still so nervous about the elimination. Mya admits that she's a little intimidated about going up against the guys for the first time.

Patrick Swayze tribute. Chelsie and Dmitri dance to "She's Like the Wind" first. Those two dance so beautifully together. Next up is real-life marrieds Jonathan and Anna T. waltzing to "Unchained Melody." Ooh, and they even make out a little at the end. Sexy! And then Cheryl and Tony reprise their dance from an earlier season to "Time of My Life," which is very much a tribute to the routine in Dirty Dancing. Like to the point where it's almost exactly the same, even the part where Tony jumps off the stage, and then the other dancers join him and they do the group dance back to the front. And then Cheryl runs out and does the big lift. It's nice. I'm glad they acknowledged Swayze's contribution to popularizing dance, especially partnered and ballroom dancing.

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