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Clip package of the judges talking about the finalists. Len finds Kelly's place in the finals to be unexpected, and Bruno points out how well she connects with the audience. Carrie Ann talks about how Donny is a born showman, and Kym is his perfect partner. So true. I don't know that he would have made it this far with a different partner. Mya is the most talented, according to Len, and Bruno thinks she never goes wrong (well, except in her freestyle last night). Shouldn't we have seen this package last night? It seems a little late to tell us that only one couple is going to win.

To kill some more time, the finalists are introduced yet again. I'm still fascinated by the amount of Botox in Donny's forehead.

Let's review each partnership. First up, Louis and Kelly. Kelly hated "standing in a room and looking at herself in a mirror, sweating," due to her lack of confidence. But when Bruno told her she was beige, she got upset, but then she got serious. And she admits that this has changed her life, as she and Louis both start crying. And now, their final dance together, a reprise of their Viennese waltz. This was a great choice, as it really shows off Kelly's beautiful lines and joy at being out on the floor. I'm glad her freestyle wasn't her final showing. Wow, weird pairing in the audience --- Marie Osmond is sitting next to Steve-O. The audience starts chanting her name and Len can barely be heard over them as he says that he loved having her on the show. Bruno calls her "a ballroom princess" who found a new level of confidence. Carrie Ann is all choked up as she says that Kelly has touched her the most out anyone from any season. Sharon is totally crying in the audience. Ozzy would be crying if his face could move.

Let's take a look at Mya and Dmitry. Dmitry claims that he knew they had a good chance at the finals from the first show, even with Len's low scores. Mya was really proud of herself when she finally got her 10 from Len. She and Dmitry don't cry like Louis and Kelly, though. They've decided to reprise their jive. It really bothers me that none of the judges really ever called Mya out on the fact that she barely ever makes eye contact with her partner. I don't know if it's shyness, or the fact that she is used to performing solo, but it's bothered me all season and it's one of the reasons I've had a hard time warming up to her. I'm also surprised they didn't reprise her samba. Anyway, Bruno says that Mya is magnificent. Carrie Ann thinks that Mya set the pace this season. Len knows they've had their ups and downs, but he compliments her staying power.

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