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So, of course their judge is Bruno, and he tries to get Donny to win the competition based on his awesome technique instead of his giant fanbase alone. Bruno shows Donny a few tips to help with his posture and extension, and you can quickly see a massive improvement. I do wonder why more dancers don't bring in someone of the partner's same sex to help out. It always seems to work wonders for the stars to hear tips from someone of the same sex, doesn't it?

Donny and Kym are dancing the cha cha cha to one of my favorite songs, "Dancing in September," albeit an incredibly slow version. Donny really gets into it, shaking his butt all over the place, but it bothers me sometimes how people confuse shaking your butt for hip action. He has plenty of the former and not enough of the latter for Latin. The slowness of the tempo is accentuated by the fact that Donny doesn't seem to be doing much of anything in the routine. He's really getting into it and clearly loves the song, but there isn't as much content in the routine as I would expect in the finals, or even as much as the other two had so far. It's fun to watch in the sense that it's fun to watch your uncle dance at your wedding, especially if your uncle is a decent dancer, but I don't know if it's enough to earn the scores the other couples got so far. We'll see.

Carrie Ann compliments his hip action, which again, I don't think shaking your butt is hip action, but I guess the judges would know better than me. Len thinks the cha cha cha is tough and Donny did well, even though there were a few tiny mistakes. Bruno tells Donny that he is a credit to his profession, worked hard in rehearsal, and had a great attitude despite Bruno yelling at him and making him repeat things over and over. Well, that's why he's an Osmond. He's used to drilling routines until they're second nature. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Backstage, Samantha reminds Donny of Marie's doll dance, and Donny promises that he won't do that. Thank God. I still have nightmares.

While the couples get ready for the megamix, we get to see a clip package of them rehearsing. They'll be doing three different dances, the Viennese waltz, the samba, and the jive, as choreographed by Nick Kosovich, a former pro dancer on the show who's Emmy-nominated. Kelly worries that she doesn't have the dance or performing background of her competitors, and it takes her longer to learn. She sits on the sidelines for a while, icing her food. She hasn't brought it up, but she's got a pretty bad foot injury from what I understand, which can't be helping matters. Mya worries that they have to do the Viennese waltz, which brought them their lowest scores of the season. Yeah, but that was due to choreography, and not execution. Donny is worried about being an old man expecting to keep up with the youngsters. So they all have obstacles to overcome. I think it would have been more sympathetic if they'd had Mya worry about connecting with the audience, since that is something the judges have talked to her about and something that Donny and Kelly have had no trouble with throughout the season.

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