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So now for something completely different: the music for this week's big dance segment will be provided by the USC Marching Band. They start out in the parking lot and march right into the studio. I love marching bands. I watch Drumline pretty much every time it's on. I kind of wish I'd had a marching band play at my wedding. Come on! That would have been awesome if right after, "I now pronounce you husband and wife," a marching band had burst into the ballroom and played our recessional song. Anyway, as the band plays, some breakdancers come out and do their thing, and then a step troupe comes out and does their thing, and then everyone dances together while the marching band plays. I think the performances this season have been better than ever -- really creative and original. Good job, producers! Now you just need to work on those clip packages and get rid of Samantha.

Joss Stone is back to sing "Son of a Preacher Man." Which is a great song, but Joss sort of surprisingly swallows the first verse and you can't hear it. Anna and Dmitry and Cheryl and Louis come out and dance to it. I think the tempo is sped up a little because Joss is having trouble with phrasing at times. And I don't think she knows the song that well. I don't mean to nitpick, but this is one of my favorite songs and I really thought Joss would kill it and she's... kind of not. The dancers finish with this really bizarre move where the two ladies are inside and the two men are outside like some kinky train move. I don't like it. It looks awkward. The rest of the routine is great, though; it's always nice to see the pros dance together.

Backstage, it's time for another one of Samantha's hard-hitting interviews where she asks Michael, Joanna, and Kelly, "How nervous were you out there?" Can't someone come up with a semi-interesting question?

Hey, remember the two couples that got the lowest scores? Well, Tom and Cheryl are safe, while Kathy and Tony are still in jeopardy. So that makes three couples in danger as we go to break.

Just as a refresher, the three couples still potentially going home are: Debi and Maks, Louie and Chelsie, and Kathy and Tony. One of them has escaped elimination, and that couple is... Louie and Chelsie. So that means that Debi and Maks and Kathy and Tony are the bottom two. They're not pulling any of that "in no particular order" bullshit this week. Samantha asks Carrie Ann if she's surprised at the results. Carrie Ann babbles something about the scores all being close, and how she thought Debi really sold her tango, but you never know.

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