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Two for the Price of One

Queen Latifah is back to sing "Ease on Down the Road" from The Wiz. My brother's fourth grade class put on a production of The Wiz (Ambitious!) and my brother played Toto. Except he didn't tell my mom that she needed to come up with a costume for him until like the night before. Bad times. Luckily, we knew someone that had been a dog for Halloween and my brother just borrowed the costume, but I thought my mom was going to kill him, and rightfully so. Anyway, There are some people dancing along with the song. I kind of thought this might be a Michael Jackson homage, but they must be saving that for later this season. And you know Mark will be involved.

ADCP. Another dumb clip package. Steve Wozniak and Matthew Berry (Fantasy Football Analyst) claims that they can use mathematics to compute the winner of this season. But what Woz explains sounds a lot more like numerology. Did you know when Woz travels, he will only stay in hotel rooms that are prime numbers? I just ready Kathy Griffin's autobiography (which you should read too) and found out that tidbit. So Matthew's picks are Aaron and Natalie. Woz's picks are Donny and Mya. And then they have a toddler who randomly picks Melissa Joan Hart. Well, that was a waste of time.

Now Debi, Kelly, and Melissa will find out if they are safe or in jeopardy. Debi and Maks are in jeopardy once again. Kelly and Melissa are safe.

After a commercial break, the four couples that were named as being in jeopardy are gathered on the stage. That would be Michael and Anna, Joanna and Derek, Aaron and Karina, and Debi and Maks. Tom announces that Joanna and Derek are safe. Samantha announces that Aaron and Karina are safe too. I like that they keep harping on the fact that Aaron totally cried last night after his scores were revealed.

Samantha asks Len if he would like to see Michael and Anna or Debi and Maks return. Len thinks both couples did well the week that he was off, so they both have potential, and either one will be missed. Well, that was a non-answer. Finally, it's time to find out who's going home. And that couple is... Debi and Maks. Aw. I will miss Maks. Debi was kind of a disappointment. From the roles that she typically plays, I thought she would be more of a firecracker. She also reveals (when Tom asks) that her name is properly pronounced Ma-ZAR, not MAY-zar. Next week's dances are the bolero, the Charleston, the two-step, and the lambada. Wow, really? The lambada? I hope Chelsie and Louie don't get that one. They might start a fire or something. It's FORBIDDEN!

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