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Clip package where pretty much all of the couples agree that they did the best they could, and they practiced a lot, and yet they still know that they could go home. So it's time to find out if the top three couples based on judges' scores are safe or not. Mark and Lacey are safe, but Tom taunts Lacey first for pulling a face. Heh. Donny and Kym are safe too. How about Mya and Dmitry? They are safe too. I was a little worried about Mya; I feel like she gets taken for granted because she doesn't really have an improvement arc. She's been good all along.

The bumper to commercial features Mark reminiscing about his performance last season with Shawn to "P.Y.T." Mark is obviously a big MJ fan since he always wears the socks and the short pants, and he says that it felt great to dance to Michael's music.

Clip package about what goes on throughout the week behind the scenes. On Monday, everyone has to be there early for hair and makeup. Aaron hangs out at Craft Services. Mark D. and Natalie both want to check out the dance floor to get acquainted. Natalie tries to relax in her trailer. Kelly checks in with the other dancers and pros to see how they are doing and to keep her mind off her performance later. Mya likes going to wardrobe for her fittings because she gets a custom outfit every week. Donny likes to hang out backstage because there's so much energy. Finally, it's showtime and all that's left to do is dance. That was actually a well-produced segment; they had a lot of the celebrities running into each other and then they would follow the new celebrity. It wasn't like we learned a whole lot of new information, but for filler, it was watchable.

Time to learn who else is safe and who's not. Joanna and Derek are in jeopardy. Uh oh. I assumed she would be fine because people would feel sorry for her. Kelly and Louis are safe, yay! And Aaron and Karina are in jeopardy! I realize it doesn't mean they are in the bottom three or four or whatever, but I really want Aaron to go home.

The Michael Jackson bumper this time is Warren Sapp and Kym dancing to "Blame It On the Boogie," as Kym says that she's honored to be able to do a tribute to Michael Jackson.

At this point, they're just making up reasons to pair couples up for results, like I think these two couples are the highest-scoring female celebrities who danced the Paso or something. I don't know. Anyway, Michael and Anna are safe, but Natalie and Alec are in jeopardy. Backstage, Samantha talks to Louis and Kelly. She says her foot is still sore and she can't wear shoes, but she's happy it's not more serious and she doesn't have to leave the competition. Louis jokes that he thinks Kelly might use her injury to get out of rehearsal time next week. Michael and Anna show up backstage, and Samantha asks them nonsense questions. Michael knows that he needs his fans to stay alive, and Anna says that she admires his "winning attitude." I kind of can't believe he's still on the show. I feel like he's kind of skated by for a while now.

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