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The four couples in jeopardy are Derek and Joanna, Mark and Melissa, Natalie and Alec, and Aaron and Karina. Somewhere in that group is the bottom two, and one of them will be eliminated. It's time to start narrowing down the field even more. Tom announces that Melissa and Mark are safe. Mark looks really surprised. Also safe are Joanna and Derek. I'm glad; I don't love Joanna but I would have hated to see them go out on a week when Derek didn't even get to dance.

So the bottom two are Natalie and Alec and Aaron and Karina. Tom asks Bruno what he thinks about this. Bruno is dumbfounded, because both of these couples have been on the top of the leaderboard. Carrie Ann is disappointed to see Natalie up there, because she has such potential. Len says he's heartbroken for those two couples who don't deserve to be in the bottom two. He yells out "Justice must prevail!" Which is why I hope Aaron goes home. He makes me uncomfortable. So who is going home? Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Natalie and Alec. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Natalie can barely speak, but she says that she loved being on the show a lot and she wishes that she could have shown it more. Tom points out that the audience is giving her a standing ovation. Alec tries to comfort her a bit, but he's a bit of a cold fish, isn't he? I don't get him and Edyta together. Tom says that next week they are doing a dance marathon, a dance-off, and a double elimination. That's a lot of business to handle in one week. See you then!

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