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They really caked the makeup on Aaron this week, and he looks halfway decent. He doesn't look so pale and gaunt. Last week, Carrie Ann told Aaron he was too needy and hopeless and desperate for love, and he needed to chill out. So this week, he and Karina have the Argentine Tango. Karina tries to get him to turn her on and explains that it's hard because she's "a cold-blooded bitch." Oh, that I could have seen Maks's face when she said that. Karina brings some friends in to show Aaron how to do the tango and Aaron totally gets a boner while he's practicing with the pro woman. I'm sorry, but that's what happened. Like he bent in half and fell on the ground and got all flustered. And then he wonders why Carrie Ann thinks he's desperate. Aaron and Karina begin their tango. He's definitely got the character down, and they definitely have the chemistry. His footwork is good but not great, and he needs to work on being more specific about his foot placement, but it looks really great overall.

Bruno thinks Aaron nailed the charisma and the character. Carrie Ann gives Aaron a look and he stalks over to her, and then they kiss on the cheeks. Carrie Ann says that it was fantastic and the attitude was just right. Len tells Aaron that he's no longer a little boy lost. A giant vein is sticking out on Aaron's forehead and it's freaking me out. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Aaron doesn't look thrilled; I think he was hoping for 10s. But maybe I'm projecting because I still don't like him.

Michael Irvin has yet to win over the judges for a variety of reasons, and as a result, Michael was shocked that he didn't end up in the bottom two last week. He vows to use this opportunity to improve with his paso doble this week. Anna tells Michael in rehearsal that he has to walk like he has a coin in between his butt cheeks, which is what my chorus teacher used to tell us to keep us from going flat. So Michael actually goes and gets a coin and sticks it in there, which is kind of hilarious, but now I'm all distracted wondering what's going to happen to the coin. Will they just throw it out? Bleach it? I hope it was just a nickel. I'm really cheap. Usually non-dancing dudes do well with this dance, because it's more about attitude than the steps, but Michael seems weirdly subdued in the beginning. He turns it on a bit in the middle, and he does some nice cape work near the end, but he still kind of looks to me like he's strolling around instead of walking with purpose and attitude. He also makes weird faces.

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