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Bruno tells Mark he's turning into a devil and nearly sprouted horns, because he was on it. Carrie Ann thought this was so powerful and exciting. Len thought Mark has posture, passion, and performance. The judges are only giving out positive comments tonight, apparently. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 8.

Last week, Donny got to be the showman with the Charleston, and he realized that things were only going to get harder from there. Donny had a crazy schedule this week between learning the Argentine tango, learning the group dance, and going to Vegas to do his show. Kym harasses him about getting his footwork sharp, since that's what Bruno harped on him about. Did it work? Donny works really hard on being passionate, like the dance calls for, but I'm not buying it. He's so Donny Osmond. He just looks confused. His footwork is much better than it has been, though, and his posture is great. I don't love the choreography, but he does a good job with it.

Carrie Ann starts out by saying that all of the women watching just fell in love with him. Um, not me. I didn't think it was sexy. Oh well. Len liked the intensity and thought it was Donny's best dance. Bruno calls him "Donnie Darko" and loves how dangerous he is. Donny pretends like he's being drawn to Bruno, and Bruno refuses. I weirdly enjoy the dynamic between these two, even though I don't love Donny. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Donny is astounded.

Little Louie and Chelsie are looking for a comeback after their boring two-step last week. Louie starts out the week of rehearsal by telling Chelsie that he is glad that they got to stay and he vows to work harder now and get into the sexy, macho character required by the tango. Chelsie appeals to his competitive side to get him to work harder, and it seems to work. The actual routine starts out with Chelsie in a chair and Louie stalking around her. Len's going to hate the business. The chemistry and attitude are definitely there. His footwork is not great; he's crazy pigeon-toed, but at least he seems to be taking the routine seriously.

Len says that he had low expectations going in, but Louie really set the mood and he didn't even mind the chair as a prop. Bruno loved the story telling, but he encourages Louie to start dancing instead of just walking through it. Carrie Ann wants Louie to stay in dancer mode throughout, but she loved how well Louie did as a partner to Chelsie, whatever that means. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 7. It's their best score yet.

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