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Bruno says it was "sublime and ridiculous" and tells Michael he looks like a Solid Gold dancer. Carrie Ann says that Michael was in front of her and she couldn't see around him. Len mumbles something that I can't understand and Tom reminds us that they don't score the group dance anyway, so who cares? You guys, I'm worried about Kelly. She looks like she's in a lot of pain. She's usually so smiley and she seems really worried. I hope her foot is okay. If she has to drop out, I'll be really pissed. So who's going home? I'm worried about Natalie and Alec. I don't think she's the worst dancer but she doesn't seem happy, and people don't like that. See you tomorrow night and here are the final scores:

Donny and Kym: 29

Mya and Dmitri: 27

Mark and Lacey: 26

Aaron and Karina: 24

Kelly and Louis: 24

Joanna and Maks/Derek: 24

Melissa and Mark: 23

Natalie and Alec: 22

Louie and Chelsie: 22

Michael and Anna: 21

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Dancing With The Stars




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