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This week, the stars get to design the costumes instead of the dancers doing it as normal. They each meet with the costume designer and pick out the fabric, style, and crystals. Joanna vows to put Derek in a Speedo as payback for the tiny costumes that Derek makes her wear. Melissa wants to put Mark in heels. Louie has no clue what any fabric is, and even says that he might use wool. Yes, that would be perfect. So we'll find out how that all went next week, at least for the couples that make it through.

Now they are going to reveal the bottom three. One of them will be the lowest score and go home immediately. The other two will do the dance-off. So who's safe? Mya and Dmitri are staying. Also safe are Kelly and Louis. Aw, thank God. It's her birthday, for crying out loud. She should get to relax.

So that means that Louie and Chelsie, Michael and Anna, and Melissa and Mark are in the bottom three. One of them is going home right now, but we won't find out until after the break.

Taylor Swift is back to sing "Love Story." As she sings, three couples dance: Maks and Edyta, Tony and Cheryl, and Jonathan and Anna. They start out in the balconies, since she mentions Romeo and Juliet etc. in the song. Taylor Swift has a really impressive set of fake eyelashes on. Also, Bruno is ROCKING OUT at the judges' table. Cheryl looks really different in the facial region. Like my husband and I were arguing over whether it was really her up until the moment at the end when Tom said her name.

Some former athletes (Nadia Comaneci, Greg Louganis, Bill Walton) offer up advice about what it's like to achieve the perfect performance. Does this mean that those three are going to be on a future season? Because Nadia and Greg have been rumored for many seasons. They all agree that practice is important, as is visualization, and you have to develop muscle memory.

After making the couples suffer for quite some time, they're finally going to reveal who is going to be eliminated right now, and who's going to participate in the dance-off. The couple going home right now is...Melissa and Mark. Melissa looks more sad for Mark than she does for herself. I'm not sad for Mark. He's a former champion. Let someone else win this time. I'm glad he finally got his haircut, though. Plus, she just wasn't good. She made it further than she should have. In her exit interview, Melissa gets to talk about her kids, and I'm happy that the show didn't exploit her kids to try to get her votes like some have done in the past. Tom makes a joke about Mark's yellow suit and Curious George to lighten the mood. Mark has praise for his partner, as usual, and then they're gone! I don't know that she was worse than Michael or Louie, but she was going to go home this week or next regardless, so she shouldn't feel too bad.

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