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Kelly is also dressed as Minnie Mouse this week, which is apparently the dress of choice for jitterbuggers. Last week, Kelly got hurt but she's fine, so that was boring. The problem that Louis has with her in rehearsals is that after every step, she asks, "Was that bad?" That would get really annoying, really quickly. So to try to show her that she can do anything, Louis makes her go on a trapeze. I don't know. It worked for Carrie Bradshaw, I guess. She just needs to get over her fear of looking dumb, I think. So their jitterbug is cute, but it's not as high-energy or high-flying as some of the other ones. It seems like a jitterbug that a much older competitor would do. I don't know if Louis had to tone it down due to Kelly's injury or lack of stamina or what, but it's kind of dull. It's well-executed, and every time Kelly smiles, she lights up the room, but compared to some of the earlier routines, it's not that exciting.

Carrie Ann enjoyed Kelly's sense of fun, and encourages her to stay happy and not get up in her head when she has a slight stumble. Len thought it was a little flat-footed, perhaps due to her injury, and he was disappointed. Bruno thought it was cute and nice, and now she has to be more of a performer and get rid of her fear. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6, and Bruno 7. Kelly is a little disappointed, but she says that she tried and she had a lot of fun.

The bottom two couples this week (and next?) will have to dance in a dance-off, and the judges will decide who goes home. So each couple has spent time this week working on a special routine just for that occasion. As Michael points out, if he's the one in the dance-off, then his fans can't save him, so he'll really have to worry about technique.

The next couple to dance is Louie and Chelsie. I don't know what's going on with Louie's hair this week. It's like he used Seinfeld's low-flow showerhead. As they rehearse the tricks, Louie discovers that he's not that comfortable with them. So they watch some footage of Louie snowboarding and Chelsie tries to get him to apply those same skills to the jitterbug. We'll see how that goes. Wow. I'm actually really impressed with this routine. Louie's kicks are really high and he shows more physical enthusiasm for this routine than any he's done. I feel like he's actually putting in some effort. His footwork is still not great, but his tricks are, especially a back flip he does off the judges' table.

Len says that parts of that were fantastic, especially his enthusiasm, but the problem is that he loses his energy in parts. Bruno thinks the craziness suits the dance, but he needs to work on precision. Carrie Ann loved it, especially the energy and athleticism, but he dropped his partner twice. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

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