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Len admits that he thought Michael should go home early on, but after last week's waltz and this week's foxtrot, Len thinks that Michael belongs there. Bruno says that Michael's musicality has improved, but reminds him to keep those buns tight and watch his arms. Carrie Ann thought the performance was dynamic and beautiful, and she even likes Anna's costume as designed by Michael. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 7. It's Michael's highest score of the season, even though the audience is booing. I think those scores are about right. Any higher would have been ridiculous.

Last week, Donny did a train conductor jitterbug, and Donny felt like he was too old to keep up with his partner. This week, they have the quickstep, and Kym reveals that the pace of this dance is just as fast as the jitterbug. Donny has trouble remembering all of the steps, and he also needs to work on his posture, so Kym breaks out the posture bar we've seen in so many rehearsals to combat what Donny calls "the Osmond slouch." Well, now I'm just going to be checking his posture the whole time. Their quickstep starts and the routines are definitely longer now that there are fewer couples. Donny seems to be unsure of the some of the steps, and he and Kym aren't quite in sync at times. His usual strength, his ability as a performer, gets a little lost in the shuffle because he keeps missing steps and trying to catch up. It's a content-filled dance, though -- there are no breaks for the old man.

Bruno notes that it's a good thing that Donny is a good performer, because he was able to cover up his mistakes. Totally. Carrie Ann liked the footwork, but she also noticed the mistakes. Len loved that they came out and danced from start to finish, even if there were mistakes. He loves that they didn't play it safe and went for it. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Hmm. Higher than Michael despite all the mistakes? Interesting.

Tom reveals the teams for the group dances. They are Team Tango: Joanna and Derek, Donny and Kym, and Louis and Kelly. Team Paso is Karina and Aaron, Mya and Dmitry, Mark and Anna, and Michael and Anna. Weird that they are doing this team thing in a week where they have uneven numbers, although I guess if it's another double elimination tomorrow night, the numbers will still be uneven.

Last week, Mark and Lacey got great feedback on their jitterbug, and Mark felt like they were finally contenders in the competition. Mark had to go to New York to tape Iron Chef America. Lacey flew to New York to rehearse with him, but she clearly wasn't feeling well. Mark sent her home to sleep and get better, and he even hugged her. I so would not have hugged her. H1N1 and pregnancy has turned me into a germaphobe. Anyway, Tony happened to be in New York, so he came in to help Mark with his routine. What a trouper. When Mark got back to L.A., Anna stepped in with two days before showtime to be his partner. I wish Tony had been his partner. Come on, show. Do it. So how do they look with their samba learned so quickly? Well, I love seeing Anna dance. She's one of my favorites. And they definitely are trying to overcome lack of content with facial expressions. They even do some samba rolls. It's not horrible but there's just not much there other than a lot of shimmying. Near the end, it seems like Mark is having a hard time keeping up with her. I don't know. There was something weird about it, but he definitely tried really hard.

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