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Teaming Up

Bruno is in overdrive, making comparisons to rocket ships and astronauts, and he thinks it was Aaron's best performance. Carrie Ann compares him to the Roadrunner, and she thought it was really good, even if there was some weirdness in the middle section. Len loved the energy, and that it was wild but clean and controlled. The vein in the middle of Aaron's forehead is FREAKING ME OUT. It's like a rope. Someone that young should not have that prominent of a vein. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Aaron and Karina could not be more fired up about their scores. Well, I guess my dream of Aaron going home this week isn't going to happen.

Last week, Bruno told Kelly that her performance was beige, and it really upset her. She expresses her frustration in rehearsal, and realizes that for the first time in her life, she can't bullshit her way out of it, or cause a dramatic scene. She just has to get better. Louis pushes her in rehearsal, because he knows what it takes to get through this double elimination. Kelly has trouble with the steps, and Louis's new insistence on stepping it up a notch isn't working for her and it's not fun anymore. She has a bit of a breakdown, but it's hardly the fight they teased in the commercials. It's more like Kelly being exhausted and frustrated and Louis not backing down and babying her. So how is their salsa? I think Karina has worn Louis's fringed pants. Thankfully, he whips them off after the intro. I really love their routine, and Kelly's attitude, but it's lacking the fire that I think will get them a perfect score at some point. Kelly's technique is great, and she gets into it more as the routine goes on, which is good. But it's not great yet, and I think she's capable of it. She and Louis seem really happy with the routine, though.

Carrie Ann thought she saw a new Kelly tonight, one who was unafraid of the dance. Even Len stands up to deliver his critique, and he says that Kelly controlled her nerves for the first time, but she does need to take it up another notch. Not to be outdone by his fellow judges, Bruno hops up on the desk and gyrates and the audience goes nuts. Bruno tells her to get into the character and the dancing will come. Kelly thanks them for calling her beige last week, because it gave her the kick in the ass that she needed. I agree. She's been coasting since week two. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. That's about right. I thought by their reaction that the scores would be higher, and I didn't feel they were deserved.

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