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Time to reveal who's going home! Tom gets as far as saying, "The couple who is not going through to the semifinals is... going to be revealed after these commercials." Oh, Tom. You are no Ryan Seacrest. And thank God for that.

So after the break, Tom is finally going to reveal who's going home. And who is eliminated? Aaron and Karina. Thank freaking God. I've been hoping for this for many weeks now. Kelly looks shocked. I think she really thought that she was done. In his final interview, Aaron says that the one thing he will always remember is the lessons that he's learned. See, again that doesn't answer the questions. Aaron thanks the judges for their criticism and helping him learn. Len has asked for time to speak to Aaron, which he's never done before, and he gives a nice speech about how proud he is of Aaron and how much he's grown. That's nice because I think Aaron really needed that. As much as he annoyed me, he's had it rough growing up and I hope he does get that approval he so desperately seeks. Okay, enough Psych 101. Thank God he's gone. Can't wait until next week -- the semifinals! See you then.

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