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Last night, the judges made some inappropriate comments and Donny and Kym messed up their tango, but someone has to go home tonight and the other three couples will go on to the finals. But Tom doesn't yell LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE which always throws me off.

Wow, you can tell that everyone is nervous and no one wants to go home tonight. All of the stars look like they are about the throw up, except Joanna, who looks like she wants to cut a bitch, but maybe that's her nervous face. Len announces that they want to see Mya and Dmitry's salsa again. Rewatching it tonight, I am really struck by the intricacy of some of the moves and how quickly they are happening, and Mya and Dmitry pull them off without a hitch. It's like he's throwing her under his leg and then grabbing her head and she's moving her legs around and it all happens in under two seconds and it flows smoothly. It's really impressive.

Let's quickly review what happened last night. Kelly reveals that she totally improvised the solo section in her rumba because she forgot the steps. She can't stop laughing about it. Joanna got the best judges' comments, in her opinion, in the whole season. Donny couldn't stop lamenting his screw-up in the tango, but he was pleased he made a comeback in his second and third dances. Mya couldn't believe her high scores, and she has a good point; her technique was as good as it's always been, but the judges loved it last night.

I think we're going to find out one safe couple right now. I'm assuming they aren't going to do a bottom two? Anyway, after saying a little something about each couple, they promise to reveal one of the finalists after the break.

As Julie Chen would say, BUT FIRST! We get to see a clip package where they all talk about how awesome the others are. Mya is a true dancer. Joanna has great posture and lines. Donny is determined and a consummate performer. Kelly has made a transformation but needs confidence in herself.

They're going to make them wait even longer, as Samantha is backstage with the four stars to ask them some useless questions. The first is, "How do you feel tonight?" They all appreciate being there and Donny makes some bad jokes about estrogen.

It's a musical performance from the upcoming movie Nine. I have to be honest -- this performance is not making me want to see the movie at all. It's not even the best group musical performance we've seen this season. And since it's totally out of context, it doesn't tell me anything about the movie. Boring. Filler. And then during the break, there's a commercial for the movie and I'm still confused, and also annoyed by Kate Hudson and the fact that I can't believe they expect me to believe that's really her singing in the ad.

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