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Mya and Dmitry finally broke through with the first perfect score of the season last week, largely because she finally showed some fire and personality. In their clip package, Dmitry and Mya have to make up for the fact that Mya kind of has no personality by making up some lame thing about having rules written on a whiteboard. Have you noticed that Mya's clip packages are the most contrived? I'm thinking it's because she's kind of a robot with no personality. If you could just make a dancer with Mya's technique and Kelly's personality, that person would win. They have the waltz this week. Their dance is really, really beautiful. I can't think of any other word to describe it than beautiful. And yet... it's kind of boring. Mya's neck is so graceful, and I can't find any flaws in her technique (although they do a lift near the end), but I'm just bored. There's no there there.

Len loved the romance and elegance, and compliments her control. Bruno calls it "love set to music." Carrie Ann thinks that Mya has the potential to get 10s every time, but they need to work on their connection when they're in hold. Agreed. They act like they're complete strangers dancing together. Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Bruno is VERY EXCITED to reveal his score.

Since we've already seen one clip package about each contestant, this time we get the biographical information. Donny's been on television since he was five years old and has been performing with his family ever since. He met his wife when he was seventeen and she was sixteen. But then he went through hard times in the '80s because everyone saw him as a has-been. But he persevered and now he has a loving and supportive family. And he's here to dance the samba to "One Bad Apple." Because this is his Latin round, he has to do his solo in the middle and it's... okay. There's a little hip action but it doesn't look particularly Latin to me. I think Donny's fans will like it, but I think to win this competition, he needs to win over the neutral people like me, who didn't come into this with any one favorite and are just looking for a good performance.

Bruno thinks it was a big comeback after their first routine. Carrie Ann thought it was a little sloppy for him, performance-wise, and the audience boos her heartily. Len agrees with Bruno that it was really good. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

So we all know about Donny, but where in the heck is Joanna from? Well, she was born in Communist Poland, but moved to America with her mom when she was five. Her mom worked in a factory and Joanna helped to raise her little sister. She took ballet lessons as a kid but had to quit when they could no longer afford them. Then she moved to LA and they leave out the part where she was a Juggie on The Man Show and just pretend like she was a model the whole time until now. So how is her cha cha? She opens up with her solo with her back to the camera and her hip action is horrible. Her solo only lasts like two seconds too; it seemed way shorter than the other stars did. Joanna is wearing the fringed pants like Karina has worn in the past; in this case, I feel like they are there to disguise her lack of hip action. If the fringe is moving, maybe the judges won't notice that her hips aren't. This is some bad choreography on Derek's part, at least for Joanna, because it's really drawing attention to how stiff she is through the midsection.

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