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Carrie Ann likes the contrast between Joanna's first dance and this one. Len liked it but was hoping it would be "a little bit more cheeky." Bruno says that she is just "natural sex" and the audience is kind of stunned into silence. But then he goes on to say that for someone who's not a professional dancer, she should be proud for what she's achieved. Were we watching the same routine? Because there was a serious lack of hip action for a Latin dance. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Boo. Undeserved.

Let's learn some more about Kelly, shall we? She was born and raised in the English countryside, but admits that she had an "alternative upbringing" and grew up on the road with her mom and dad. When she was a young teen, her family starred in a reality show on MTV, and she had to deal with people talking shit about her and the other hazards of living a public life. She ended up falling into drugs to deal with it, but she's not been through rehab and is clean and sober. She's really pleased that she's managed to stick with the show, which has been a whole new challenge for her, and has given her confidence and self-esteem. So how is their quickstep? Well, it's quick. You can see that blank look that Kelly looks when she's thinking through the next series of steps, but she manages to get through them without stumbling. Louis also seems to be talking her through quite a bit. She messes up the timing on one leap but Louis tries to cover for her. Overall, the difficulty is good, but she still needs to let go and dance every single time instead of only once per night, and not make it so obvious that she's counting in her head. Louis almost drops her at the end too but the crowd loves her.

Len says that there are two people happy: Sharon and him. Len thinks Kelly has blown him away as a dancer, performer, and person. Bruno compares her to Speedy Gonzalez, and he notes that she lost one step in the middle, but overall it was great. Carrie Ann cheers for Kelly, and says that she didn't just keep up, but she was ahead of the game. Kelly gets choked up and thanks the judges for their comments. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

And finally, it's time for Mya's biography. She grew up in DC and Maryland, and came from a humble background. She started tapping as a very young girl, and her mom taught her from a library book (!). She secretly started singing but didn't tell her parents that she could sing until she was a teenager. She lived through her parents' divorce and her mom's battle with breast cancer, and her parents think that's why she has persevered in the competition. She's had a rough life, don't get me wrong. But she still seems kind of closed off to me. Her salsa is anything but closed off, even if she and Dmitry only look each other in the eyes for a few seconds. It's very fast-paced, and features a lot of difficult moves. Her solo has this Josephine Baker feel that's really awesome. We might have another perfect score on our hands.

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