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Original Cindy is asleep in her bed. Suddenly, the sound of an engine revving fills the air, waking her up. She runs out to the living room (when my first instinct would have been to look out the window, because you would expect revving engines to be outside) and finds Max revving the engine on her motorcycle, which is sitting in the living room. This begs the following question for me: If Max is "keeping her head down" as Logan suggested she do in the last episode, why is she making so much noise? OC runs and hugs Max, thanking God that Max is alive. They hug for a while.

Max shaves her legs in the bathtub, saying that she's wanted to do it for months. Because when you're trying to save lives and possibly society, hair removal is a top priority. OC notices that Max's nails are a mess too, and Max jokes that she had to torch Manticore because they don't appreciate the girly stuff. OC reviews the happenings from last week, and then asks Max about her virus. OC suggests that Logan is Eyes Only, and that's why Manticore wants him dead. Max denies it, but OC congratulates her on "creeping with Eyes Only." Max swears OC to secrecy. OC is sure that everything will work out, because Max and Logan are…well, she doesn't say soulmates (thank God) but that's what she means. OC promises that Manticore can't hurt Max or anyone any more.

Some displaced Manticore soldiers lurk through the woods at night. They spot a flashing light in the sky, and the leader points out that it's "the rendezvous signal." One of the girls in the group is unsure, since Manticore didn't let them out of the barracks when the place was on fire, but the leader reassures that her Manticore was busy defending the place, and that they are supposed to regroup. For every argument that the girl comes up with, the leader has some sort of defense, and finally, they all take off.

The group reaches a bridge. On the other side stands a troop of Manticore goons, and one guy dressed all in black who I'm going to just call Blackie Webb, for all you old school General Hospital fans. The displaced soldiers report in. Aw, one of the little soldiers looks like Webster. Blackie gives the "at ease" orders and then turns and nods to some goons. The goons raise their guns and shoot all of the soldiers -- presumably. I mean, we see them shooting, but we don't see the soldiers dying. But I'm sure that's what happened.

A car drives down the road. Inside, a girl listens to the news of Manticore (or what the news refers to as "a VA hospital") burning down. The girl complains that they can't even get music, and whines to her boyfriend that she wants to go back to L.A. The boyfriend says, "L.A. is full of freaks and weirdos and psychos." Uh oh. The law of poorly written television shows states that in this scene, the couple will now encounter a freak, a weirdo, a psycho, or possibly all of the above. Suddenly, a freaky-looking Manticore escapee runs out in front of the car, blinks his lizard-like eyelids, then runs off into the woods. Even creepier is when the scary A.J. Soprano-look-alike X7s that were guarding the Manticore perimeter last week run up to the car and peer inside. Of course, the boyfriend peels out and heads back to L.A.

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