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Bag 'Em

The X7s chase Lizard Man through the woods, stopping along the way to communicate via their special bat language. They reach a quarry of some sort and can't find Lizard Man. They proceed cautiously, and suddenly Lizard Man pops out of some sand, where he was buried. Lizard Man manages to take out a few X7s, but then they start hitting him with some sort of stun-gun device, and he falls.

Max and OC stride into Jam Pony, as Max wonders what she should tell everyone to explain her absence. OC claims that she will handle it, and announces to the room at large that Max is back. Was that really "handling it"? Everyone is happy to see Max, and Sketchy runs up and hugs her, asking what happened. Before Max can make something up, Normal spots Max. They banter a bit, and Max says, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." She's no Mark Twain, that's for sure. Normal has a job, but won't let Max do it, since she took an unexplained three-month sabbatical. Max claims that she had a "medical emergency," and going into further detail, "a heart transplant." Normal wants proof, so Max flashes him her scar, and her boobs. Normal compliments her "nice big…uh, scar."

Max's beeper goes off, and she calls Logan on Normal's phone. Logan (whose hair is about a million times better this week) tells her to turn on the television, and we see a news report claiming that Manticore was a VA hospital burned down by the S1W. They have footage of Blondie with a gun at the VA Administration Office. Logan is all upset that the S1W is being blamed, but Max thinks it's better than people knowing about all the escapees. Sketchy comments that Eyes Only said the VA hospital was really Manticore. Logan is still upset that the S1W is getting blamed for murder, and Max wonders why he cares so much. We see that Blondie is at Logan's place, as Logan explains that some friends of his are involved with S1W. Logan drops it, and asks Max to come over later. Max doesn't know if it's a good idea. Logan reassures her and promises some important information. Max agrees to stop by, and they hang up.

Sketchy finishes watching the news report and comments that there are "mutants on the loose." OC reminds him that the news claimed that everyone died. Sketchy points out that Max was supposed to be dead too. And if Sketchy had one shred of a brain cell, he might make the connection there. But he doesn't, so he doesn't. Max picks up a package and takes off.

Blondie pressures Logan to talk to Eyes Only and get him to take the pressure off the S1W. Logan claims that he can't make Eyes Only do anything. Heh. Blondie says that the S1W only went to the VA Office as a favor to Logan, and now they need a favor back. Blondie walks out, and Logan sighs heavily.

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