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Bag 'Em

A sign informs us that we are looking at the No-Tel Motel. Alec lies in bed with some chick, and she's checking out his barcode tattoo. The chick has some serious buckteeth, so I'm just going to call her Bunny. Alec comments that the tattoo cost more than Bunny did, so we know that she's a whore, as if the heavy eye make-up weren't clue enough. Bunny keeps asking questions about the tattoo as Alec watches rap videos on MTV. Alec gives Bunny some money and tells her to go get them some food. Bunny tosses on some clothes as Alec remains entranced by the television.

Bunny heads over to a convenience store across the street and looks around. Some more escaped soldiers appear in the woods, scoping out the store, and talking about how hungry they are. They decide to go into the store, even though they don't have any money. The clerk is absorbed in a tabloid and doesn't pay them any mind. The soldiers start stuffing food into their shirts and pants. Bunny sees their tattoos and comments that her friend has one just like it. The soldiers ignore her and grab more food, then prepare to leave. Bunny yells at them, and the clerk looks up, and then grabs a shotgun. One of the soldiers super-speeds over to the clerk and grabs the gun, then commands one of his friends to grab the money from the drawer. After grabbing the money and some more food, they take off. Alec sees it all happen out the window and comments, "Great. That's just great."

At some sort of makeshift Manticore HQ, tech goons look at computer screens, and one of them reports a possible sighting of escapees to Blackie Webb. Just then, Blackie's phone rings, and he tells someone on the other end to handle a situation and keep local law enforcement out of the picture. So, Blackie's obviously in charge here. Another tech goon walks up and reports that more escapees are showing up at the rendezvous point. Blackie is pleased, and tells them to keep sending out the signal. Some X7s bring in Lizard Man, and a goon explains to Blackie that the prisoner appears to be designed for desert warfare. Blackie comments on the X7s' "hive mind thing" and then orders the Lizard Man to be taken to forensics and autopsied. Lizard Man slips his restraints and grabs Blackie by the throat before a goon tasers him. Blackie loses his temper a little bit and orders Lizard Man and the X7s taken away.

Alec sits listening to the clock radio when there's a knock at the door. He thinks it's Bunny returning, and gets up to answer it when he sees that it's actually local law enforcement. They bust the door down, but Alec has already escaped out the window and is running through the woods. He sees a discarded potato chip bag on the ground, and then a little further on, he finds a Cheeto. Alec shakes his head in disgust and heads for an abandoned barn nearby. Meanwhile, he ran less than a hundred yards to get away, which doesn't seem like the best way to avoid detection, since in the background you can still see the motel. Shouldn't he go a little farther away?

Alec enters the barn to find the escaped soldiers chowing down. He calls out, "Daddy's home!" and they all leap to attention and sound off. Alec interrupts them and asks why they "knocked over a Quik-E Mart." Alec notices an X7 standing in the corner, and the soldiers explain that they all escaped "the attack on Manticore" together, and have seen the rendezvous signal, so they're headed that way. Alec tells them that Manticore wasn't attacked, but instead was trying to kill their own, and that the signal is a trap. One of the soldiers claims that they are "valuable military assets worth billions of dollars." Alec reiterates that Manticore is trying to kill them. One of the soldiers points out that officers higher up than Alec left standing orders to regroup. Alec backs down, and the leader of the group orders the others to fall in. The X7 doesn't respond. The leader threatens to report the X7 and Alec, but Alec isn't threatened. The leader orders the troop out of the barn, and they leave.

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