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Bag 'Em

Blackie interrogates a goon about how a girl on a motorcycle took them all out. A suited goon comes in with stuff recovered from Renfro's office at Manticore. Blackie checks it out and finds the database back-up disks, and the DNA work-up of Max that Renfro was being all secretive about before she died. Blackie comments that Max is "not bad-looking for a freak." The goon informs Blackie that the X5 in the work-up is the same girl who took out his men. Blackie orders the goon to find her. He would be a lot scarier if he weren't so damn short. He's about a foot shorter than the goon he's ordering around. He's got the scary voice, but I find his lack of height off-putting.

Max explores the barn and finds an old truck. She checks out the engine, and it's there. I guess that's what she was looking for. Meanwhile, Alec throws pieces of popcorn at the unresponsive X7. Max walks back into the room and orders the soldiers to fall in. She informs them that they've been betrayed by their own command, and they all yell out that that means they are supposed to redeploy. Unfortunately, they don't know what that means, so Max explains that they need to jettison their "blind obedience to Manticore and all it represents." She also orders them to stop calling her "ma'am" and start calling her Max. Of course, they keep calling her "ma'am." Max thinks that the soldiers should all have names too, which I'm all for since I can't just refer to them as "the soldiers" forever. Nearby, Alec rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, for the love of…" Max tells Alec to shut up. Heh. I like it when this show is funny. Maybe they should just turn it into a comedy.

Max tries to get the soldiers to start thinking of themselves as people. One of the soldiers points out that they are soldiers, not people. Max gets up in his grill and yells that she has "zero tolerance" for "mouthing off." Max decides that his name should be Zero. She orders Zero to get out on sentry duty. Max moves onto the next soldier, a female who was messing around with a radio earlier. Max decides to call her Fixit, and orders her to work on the truck. Moving onto the next soldier, Max realizes that she's "the girl that threw up." Alec snarks that they should call her Ralph. The girl likes the name Ralph. Max says that's it's "a boy's name," which is funny coming from someone who's named…oh, was that supposed to be a joke? Anyway, her name is now Ralph, and Max orders her to check on Bullet, the kid who got shot. Finally, Max reaches the last and smallest soldier, who is carrying a bugle. Max decides to call him Bugler, and orders him to get some sleep. Bugler reveals that he's actually a Canadian extra when he says, "It's not lights oot yet." Max tells him to sleep anyway. Alec wonders if the X7 gets a name. Max leaves the naming of the X7 to Alec, who just tosses another piece of popcorn at him.

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