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Bag 'Em

Lydecker arrives at the temporary military compound, where a security guard tries to prevent him from entering. Lydecker wants to see White, which may or may not be Blackie, so I'm going to stick with Blackie until I know for sure. It's funny that I was calling him Blackie if his name is really White, isn't it? No? It's not? Moving on. Lydecker flashes some ID and then pushes his way through. The security guard reports that Lydecker is there. Lydecker just waltzes into command central, like, nice security that they have there. Lydecker rummages through the office and takes a bunch of stuff. Meanwhile, Blackie and some goons approach the office. By the time they bust in, Lydecker is already gone. Blackie pops open his briefcase and finds that the disks and the work-up on Max are all missing, so he tosses the briefcase at the wall. For a little guy, he's got a big temper.

Logan answers his phone to find Lydecker on the other end. Logan wants to know how Lydecker got the number, but Lydecker ignores the question and says that he needs to get into contact with Max, but can't say why. Logan hesitates, and then reveals that Max is in the woods outside the former Manticore location. Lydecker says that "he'll be looking for her," and if Logan hears from Max, he should tell her to get the hell out of there. His cryptic message delivered, Lydecker hangs up and studies the work-up on Max some more. So now, Blackie and Lydecker both know about this mysterious work-up. Just trying to keep track. Well, Renfro knows too, but I'm pretty sure she's dead. And whoever Renfro was talking to on the phone in French before she died.

Some techie goon tells Blackie that he's about to send out the rendezvous signal. Then, he does. At the barn, everyone is asleep except for Max. She spots the X7 still standing guard by the window. We hear the high-pitched bat signal noises and see that there are more X7s standing outside in the woods. The X7 looks at Max and then transmits some information to the others outside, presumably about Max and the others in the barn. He's a spy! Well, he's not bad. He was just programmed that way.

The next morning, Ralph helps Bullet walk around the barn. Bugler starts bugling, and Max snatches it away. Max explains about the "no training and no orders" thing again. Alec comes into the room and announces that he's leaving. Max is angry, and reminds him that the one good thing Manticore taught them was not to abandon their unit. Alec comments that there is no more Manticore, thanks to Max, and leaves. He'll be back. Mark my words.

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