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Bag 'Em

Back at temporary HQ, a techie goon starts sending out the rendezvous signal again. Max's friends creep into the perimeter of the compound and scope things out. Alec shows up behind them and finds out that Max got captured while saving the others. The soldiers take out a security goon and then cut power to the camp. Blackie orders the signal to keep broadcasting while he finds out what's going on. The soldiers swarm into the camp and take out more goons. Alec finds Max and unlocks her cage after some banter. Max wants Lizard Man to be rescued too, and Alec does it, after some complaints. Lizard Man takes off. Alec wants to follow suit, but Max says that they need to shut down the signal first. Alec and Max change the signal. Blackie barks some orders over his walkie-talkie. A goon notes that the signal now tells the soldiers to "scatter and go underground." Blackie orders the satellite disabled immediately. Max realizes that the signal has been transmitted enough, so Alec shoots out the transmitter. Lizard Man shows up too, and starts walking towards Max and Alec. Blackie pulls out a gun and shoots Lizard Man dead, so Max and Alec take off. In his frustration at losing Max yet again, Blackie pumps another bullet into the now-dead Lizard Man. So long, Lizard Man!

The next day, Max hands the group of soldiers new ID cards and passports so that they can get into Canada. Zero asks if they'll ever see her again, and Max promises they will. Then Max advises them to stick together, because she lost the group that she escaped with, and their group is now family. Alec says he's going to leave "before the waterworks start." I wish Alec were the star of this show. I wish it were called Dark Alec. Anyway, Max stops him and says that they need to "pay [their] respects to those who didn't make it." The soldiers all stand at attention while Bugler plays "Taps." Then there's a cheesy-ass montage of all the folks who died. Max hugs her new family members goodbye, and they get in the truck and leave. Alec takes off too, but not before waving to Logan, who was standing nearby the whole time.

Max thanks Logan for "coming through on the papers." Logan assures her that she did a good thing "for all of them." Max decides to take a ride and clear her head, and gets on her motorcycle. Logan returns to his Aztek, but not before he and Max exchange many meaningful glances. Max voice-overs that she wants to stay with Logan, but she can't or it might kill him, so she hopes that they can "beat this thing."

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