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Dawg Day Afternoon

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Dawg Day Afternoon

At The Dreaming, Alec is watching television, flipping through the channels. Every channel is showing the footage of Mule tossing a cop through the air. On one channel, a lawyer who looks just like Adam Schiff from Law & Order says that they will be going after whoever is responsible for releasing these transgenics for damages in the tens of millions. Alec comments that he's sure Manticore will be writing them a big fat check. Then Alec gets up and goes to look for Joshua, who is painting. Alec sees that Joshua has painted numerous pictures of Annie. Alec tells Joshua gently that he can't see Annie anymore. Joshua says he knows, but seems understandably bitter about it.

Max walks in with groceries. Alec pokes through them, and Max slaps his hand away. Alec complains that he's stuck there, and expositions that he's an innocent man who's wanted for murders committed by his clone. Technically, isn't he Ben's clone and not the other way around? I don't actually know which one came first. Max hands Alec a fake birth certificate that proves that he has a twin, and a fake passport that proves he wasn't in the country at the time of the murders. Alec is pleased that he'll be cleared of the murders. Max says that Alec owes her $2500, because she worked with the same guy that Logan uses. Since she worked in that klutzy mention of Logan, Alec asks how Logan is doing, and Max says that she wouldn't know. Alec and Max have to go to work. Max tells Joshua that she'll stop by tomorrow. Joshua says sadly that he'll be there.

On the television at Jam Pony HQ, some oily preacher type says that the transgenics are not mentioned in the Bible, and thus God didn't mean for them to walk among humans. Normal watches and yells out "Amen!" at appropriate intervals. Max and Alec walk up and ask who the guy on the television is. Normal informs her that it's "the Right Reverend Terry Caldwell, a man not afraid to speak the truth." An interviewer asks Caldwell why he doesn't think that the transgenics should be afforded even the most basic human rights, and Caldwell says it's because they're not human. Normal cheers this statement. Caldwell continues that the transgenics aren't even animals in the eyes of the Lord, because they are created on an assembly line, and not by God. In his apartment, Logan watches, and shortly after breaks in with an Eyes Only message about how the transgenics can feel and hurt just like humans. Alec comments that Logan is reaching out to someone, and it's not him. Max just watches sadly.

White meets with his government boss, who the closed captioning informs me is named Simms. Thanks, closed captioning! White complains that he can't do anything about the transgenics since his operation officially does not exist. Simms thinks the whole thing is a disaster. White wants to enlist public support, but Simms thinks that would create panic, as well as "congressional hearings" and "subpoenas." Simms claims that they are going to spin the whole thing and make it disappear now that they have the chief of police in their pocket. White says that he understands, but he doesn't seem too happy about it.

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