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Dawg Day Afternoon

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Dawg Day Afternoon

Logan thanks Asha for getting him a disk with the complete footage of Mule's aborted escape attempt. Asha backstories that she paid off a cop with Logan's money, and wonders why Logan would want it, when he could see it on television for free. Logan thinks that the cops only released an edited version of the footage. Logan reviews the footage, which shows that the cops went after Mule first. Logan thinks about releasing it via Eyes Only. Asha points out that she doesn't know if it will help, since people are more freaked out about "what [Mule] looks like" and "what he is." Logan says that he's probably just used to the idea that transgenics exist. Asha pauses and then asks if Logan has heard from Max. Logan's hasn't. Asha counsels him to give Max time, because she's scared. Logan says that he's the one who almost died. Asha points out that Max is a loner, and that this relationship stuff is all new to her. Asha adds, "It's new to both of them." Logan asks, "Both?" Asha says that she was talking about Alec. Are they trying to set up an Asha/Alec relationship here? Because I'm not buying it.

Max and Alec break into a plastic surgeon's office. Alec says that it's going to hurt, and that the bar codes are just going to come back in a couple of weeks. Max tells him not to be such a sissy. Alec lies down on the table, and Max takes a laser to the bar code on the back of his neck. Ouch. I don't know how much I would trust Max with that thing. She's very excitable. Then again, I guess I would rather have Max do it than Alec.

Asha starts to leave Logan's apartment. He calls her over to look at the footage some more. Logan points out a car (which we know belongs to White). When Mule attacks the cop, everyone else ran over to see what was going on, but White drove away slowly. Logan zooms in and shows her that you can see White's reflection in the mirror. Man, those hoverdrones shoot some high resolution video, if he can zoom in that much and have the picture be more than a bunch of pixels. I guess Logan also has some sweet interpolation software or something. Logan says that he needs to tell Max.

Max is getting her bar code removed when her beeper goes off. Alec checks it and notes that it's the second time that Logan has paged her in ten minutes, and maybe she should call him back. Max tells him, "Mind your knitting, grandma." Actually, she just tells him to mind his own business, but I like my version better. Max also orders Alec to hurry up.

Logan calls Alec's cell phone. Alec reveals that Max is with him, and moves to hand the phone over. Max doesn't want to take it, but realizes she has no choice. In a conversation filled with awkward pauses, Logan reveals that the hoverdrone footage puts White at the scene of Mule's mini-riot. Max thinks that White was just there to contain Mule, but Logan says that White was just sitting and watching. Max doesn't think that makes sense, since the government pays White to keep the transgenic issue quiet. Logan says that White is taking orders from someone else. Max realizes that it could be one of his breeding cult buddies. Logan thinks that they are trying to turn the public against transgenics. Logan thinks that they should get together and talk, just business. Max refuses. Logan begs. Max says that she'll look into it and tell him if she finds something, but he can't call her anymore. Logan hangs up and then kicks something across the room in frustration.

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