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Dawg Day Afternoon

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Dawg Day Afternoon

Joshua sits in The Dreaming, thinking and looking at one of his paintings of Annie. He stands and walks out. Later, we see Joshua walking down the street with a hood covering his head. He reaches a house, which he sneaks around. He climbs up and looks in the window at Annie. Ew, that's creepy. Annie is reading a book in Braille. Of course she is. Wouldn't she be listening to a book on tape or something? She's not Mary Ingalls, for crying out loud. Her dog comes to the window and sniffs Joshua, then barks. Joshua falls into some garbage cans. Some nearby punks hear the commotion and walk over to check it out. Since Joshua is on the ground, they don't see his face at first, and think that he was "peeping at a blind girl." Joshua stands up, and they see his face. One of the punks comments that Joshua is "one of those freaks from the TV." They start chasing Joshua down the street.

The next morning, the punks are still searching for Joshua. One of them wants to give up, but the others don't. They call out, "Here, trannie trannie trannie trannie!" That conjures up another image entirely for me. Joshua hides in an alley. Annie's dog comes up and sniffs him. Joshua says hello to Annie, and she asks what he's doing there. He claims that he's recycling cans. Annie says that her dog must have missed him. Joshua missed the dog and Annie, too. Annie wonders why he didn't tell her that he was back from Mantia Coro. She looked the place up and found out that it doesn't exist. Joshua stammers, and Annie says that he doesn't have to make up an excuse; she must have misinterpreted their relationship. The punks show up and tell Joshua to get away from Annie. Joshua pushes Annie behind him to protect her. I don't think that she really needs the protection. One of the punks thinks that they should call the cops due to Joshua's size, but the lead punk has a chain. He attacks Joshua, and Joshua grabs him and tosses him aside. Joshua grabs Annie's hand and runs through the other punks, escaping. Once they are clear of trouble, Annie asks what the punks wanted. Joshua tells her to go home now. Annie is worried that the punks will come back, and begs Joshua not to leave her alone. Joshua picks her up and carries her down into the sewer. What about the dog? The punks catch up with them but only see the dog sitting there, barking. They agree to call the cops. Meanwhile, Max shows up at The Dreaming and calls out for Joshua.

White checks out the manatees at the aquarium. The priestess from the breeding cult walks up, and White makes a comment about how manatees are the result of a one-night stand between a dolphin and a whale. Is that true? Is that even possible? Okay, I looked it up and it's not true. In fact, manatees aren't even related (evolutionarily speaking) to whales or dolphins. You'd think a member of a breeding cult would know that. The priestess comments that the footage of Mule is doing a good job scaring the public. White says that he's been leaking information about Manticore to select members of the media. The priestess says that "the Conclave" wants White to "take things even further." The priestess says that people are already looking over their shoulders for "monsters," but the greater threat to the breeding program are the X-series transgenics, because they are able to pass as humans. White points out that it makes the X-series transgenics difficult to expose. The priestess says that if word gets out that there are human-looking transgenics, it will create paranoia and panic, and they need to exploit that kind of fear. White promises to take care of it. The priestess leaves, and White's phone rings. It's Otto, who reports that someone just called 911 reporting a wolfman. White follows the government line and says that they need to get on top of it before "some idiot cop makes a scene and the media gets wind of this." White hangs up and then dials the phone again. He calls a reporter at a television station and identifies himself as "your Deep Throat." I really don't need to know about White's sexual practices. Heh. Anyway, White tells the reporter about the wolfman.

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