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Dawg Day Afternoon

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Dawg Day Afternoon

Max wanders around The Dreaming, looking for Joshua. She flips on the television, where a reporter is interviewing one of the punks about the wolfman, Joshua. The punk claims that Joshua attacked them and then kidnapped Annie. Max hears the name and gets really interested. Max hears that the kidnapped woman is blind, and takes off. The reporter finishes her statement and walks off to find a cop to interview. The camera switches to a crane shot, which reveals that there are many cops present, and they are cordoning off the area.

The multitudes of cops have been joined by firefighters for some reason, and perhaps some military guys. Max arrives on the scene and surveys the area.

Some military guy gives a Tommy Lee Jones in the The Fugitive type of speech about how they are going to look in every manhole until they "trap this thing" and "flush it back to this position for takedown." One of the soldiers asks about Annie, and the boss tells him to assume that she's alive until they know otherwise, and that her safety is their number-one priority. Max overhears the whole thing.

Sketchy pesters a cop, saying that he's a reporter and asking the cop to talk to him. The cop tells Sketchy to move along or he'll be arrested. Sketchy spots Max and calls out to her. She tries to avoid him, but eventually turns around to face him. Sketchy asks what she's doing. A car comes along and honks at Sketchy, who's standing in the middle of the street. Max looks into the car and sees that White is the driver. They lock eyes. Max turns and runs away. Sketchy realizes that she's gone and chases after her.

Down in the sewer, Joshua leads Annie along. They reach a confluence of pipes, and the whole area is filled with water. Annie asks where they are, and Joshua says that they'll be safe there. Annie complains about the volume of the water pouring in. Joshua starts closing valves to prevent the water from pouring in. Annie asks what they do now, and Joshua says that they need to wait. They both hear the sounds of nearby cops. Annie is glad, because she thinks it means that they're safe. Joshua doesn't want to see the cops, for obvious reasons. He spots some cops coming towards them, so he claps a hand over Annie's mouth and drags her down into a lower part of the tunnel. The cops search with their flashlights and declare the area secure, so they leave. Joshua apologizes to Annie and asks her not to scream. Annie demands that he tell her what's going on, and why he's hiding from the police. Joshua says that he can't tell her. Annie asks what he did. Joshua responds, "It's not what I did. It's what I am."

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