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Dawg Day Afternoon

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Dawg Day Afternoon

Logan reads the paper, which is filled with stories about transgenics. On the news, they show a drawing of the transgenic being hunted. Logan realizes that it's Joshua, so he grabs his keys and splits.

Max sees a manhole, but there's a cop nearby. Sketchy arrives moments later and sees that the cop is now lying on the ground, moaning, and the manhole cover is slightly open. Way to cover your tracks there, Max. Sketchy removes the manhole cover and heads down into the sewers.

Otto and a new blond goon show up at the scene and ask White what they should do. White says that it's "so FUBAR that it's almost funny," and advises them that there's nothing that they can do, so they may as well go back to headquarters and watch it on television. Otto and the goons leave. White gets out of his car and buys a "Fudgy Buddy Cone" (i.e. a Nutty Buddy) from a vendor. He bites into it and savors the scene unfolding in front of him.

Down in the sewers, Joshua has just informed Annie of his true nature. Annie asks if he's one of the monsters that they talk about on television. Joshua says that he wanted to tell her earlier. Annie is confused, because she touched his face. Joshua admits that that wasn't him. Annie is upset that he tricked her and took advantage of her because she's blind. She starts to leave. Joshua tries to hold her back, but ultimately lets her go. So the blind girl is walking around the water-filled sewers alone. Nice.

The military people have finished checking the sewers and found no sign of Joshua. The boss can't believe that Joshua escaped, so he orders them to check everything again.

Alec puts his hood up to hide his barcode (is it reappearing already?) and walks over to talk to Logan. Alec asks if Logan has seen Max. Logan hasn't. Alec decides to page her.

Max is at a junction in the sewers when she realizes that military guys are approaching from both directions. Cut to the military guys meeting at the junction with Max nowhere in sight. Suddenly, her pager goes off. Oops. The military guys look up to find Max clinging to the ceiling. Max comments, "Should have put it on vibrate," and then swings down and takes out all of the military guys. And Sketchy. Oops. Max's pager goes off again, so she calls Sketchy an idiot and grabs his cell phone.

Back aboveground, a vendor is selling mutant T-shirts. Max calls Alec back. Alec tells Logan that it's Max on the phone. Alec guesses that Max is in the sewers looking for Joshua, and asks what makes her think that she'll find him before the cops do. Logan snaps his fingers to indicate that Alec should give him the phone. How fucking rude is that? I know it's an emergency and all, but he could use words. Logan tells Max that he's hacked into the military GPS computer so that he can see where they've already searched. Max looks around and tells Logan that she's at Junction J-12-R. Logan tells Max to go into the next intersection and look around there. Max says that once she finds Joshua, they'll need to find a way out, because the military has all of the entrances blocked. Logan promises that they'll figure something out. Max tells him to be careful, because White is lurking about aboveground. Logan tells her to keep in touch. It's so nice that those cell phones work in the sewers. They might want to tell Buffy about that.

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