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Dawg Day Afternoon

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Dawg Day Afternoon

Max and Joshua arrive in some sort of chamber. Joshua realizes that it's the same one where he was hanging out with Annie earlier. Logan tells them to take the second tunnel on the right, and quickly. Max walks over there, but hears military guys, so she and Joshua duck into another tunnel. Max tells Logan that they can't get through because there are too many soldiers. Logan looks at his computer and informs Max that some of them are approaching from behind her too. Joshua gets a bright idea; he starts turning the valves so that the water will rush in and knock down two of the soldiers. Max takes advantage of the distraction to take out some of the other soldiers. She and Joshua escape. The remaining soldiers shoot at them, then give chase.

Back aboveground, the boss listens as the soldiers explain what happened and that they are "in pursuit." All of the soldiers aboveground crowd around one manhole, guns cocked and ready. Max starts to climb up the ladder, with Joshua behind her. The crowd cheers. Anyone besides me think that they are using subterfuge again, and that Max is climbing up a totally different ladder? Of course she is. Sketchy emerges from the manhole. Normal, standing nearby, calls Sketchy an idiot. The soldiers haul him out while the crowd boos.

Max and Joshua emerge from an entirely different, completely deserted manhole. Well, deserted because Alec has apparently paid off all the cops. I liked it better when I thought he was going to kick their asses. But I guess this is the new, improved Alec who doesn't beat people up when he can avoid it. Max smiles when she sees Logan pull up in the Asstek, but then apparently remembers that she hates him.

Annie is still down in the sewer, plaintively calling out for help. White walks up and tells her not to worry, because it's all over. I was wondering what happened to White. I thought that Max would run into him again before it was all over. White stands there looking all sinister.

Logan drops Alec and Joshua off at The Dreaming. He offers Max a ride home, but she says that she has her bike. Logan tells her that no matter what's going on between them, he always has her back. Max says that she feels the same, and leaves. Logan drives off and Max looks after him sadly, probably thinking, "How could I love a man that drives that car?"

Max, Joshua, and Alec watch television in The Dreaming. Alec wonders what Logan's problem is, since everything turned out okay. The reporter on television says that officials wonder how the creature escaped. Joshua says, "The creature has friends." A different reporter has breaking news. We see a body bag being loaded into an ambulance. The reporter says that the cause of death was a snapped neck, and only someone with superhuman strength could have done it. Joshua looks up. The reporter reiterates that the kidnapped girl, Annie Fisher, was found dead at the scene moments ago, murdered by her kidnapper. Joshua starts trembling, and then beings pounding the floor and roaring in anger. Max and Alec look nervous.

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