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Previously on Dark Angel: White staged the kidnapping of his son, Ray. Max fought White. Logan and Max made arrangements to protect White's wife, Wendy. Max wondered what was going to happen to Ray. It's a shame about Ray, really.

Alec walks up to the counter in Jam Pony HQ, having just made a delivery. Max is disgusted that Alec only made one delivery in the whole day. Sketchy hurries up and announces that he's now a freelance reporter for the tabloids. Alec asks what that entails. Sketchy says that he'll be hunting down mutants and getting photographs. Max says sarcastically that it's great, and OC adds that there are no mutants. Sketchy doesn't believe it, and offers to buy everyone drinks at Crash. Max and Alec have a little conference about how this could impact their lives. Max notes that Alec doesn't even bother to cover up his bar code. Alec points out that Sketchy is pretty incompetent, so they don't have much to worry about.

Logan gets a call from Wendy White, who heard that he's tracking down some leads on Ray. Logan has nothing solid. Wendy announces that she's found Ray, but she doesn't have him with her, and she needs Logan's help. Logan tells her not to do anything until he can get there. Wendy tells him to hurry. Logan asks where she is. Before she can answer, White bursts into Wendy's motel room and rips the phone from the wall. Wendy clocks White in the face with a camera, but it barely affects him. He backhands her and says that she shouldn't have come there. Wendy wants her son. White says that Ray isn't her son anymore; he's one of them. Wendy wonders who he is. White tells her that it's not her concern, and she shouldn't worry about it. White takes off his tie as he tells Wendy that he loves her, but she should have forgotten about him and Ray both. He moves in to strangle her, and she screams. I know a lot of people hate White because he's such a bad actor, but that's why I love him. He's so over the top. He's like Shatner.

Max shows up at Logan's with some scrounged gasoline for his car. Logan says that he knows Wendy called from a small town called Willoughby. Max asks why Wendy is trying to track down White when she knows how psycho his group is. Logan agrees and says that Wendy has called him in the past with false leads. Max wonders if this is another dead end. Logan tells her about the phone going dead. His computer turns up the address from which the phone call originated -- the Hotel Willoughby. Max and Logan take off.

OC tells Normal that Max is sick. Again. Normal says he doesn't care, as long as OC covers her shift. Alec refuses to help. Sketchy runs up and offers to take one of OC's packages to Sector Three, because he got a report of a mutant there. Sketchy takes off. OC asks Alec what he thinks about this turn of events. Alec thinks that Sketchy will run around the sewers for a while and not find anything.

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