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Cut to Sketchy running around the sewers with a flashlight. Why are the sewers green? I don't know. They apparently have green light bulbs in the sewers. Sketchy sees a shadow and starts taking pictures, but it turns out to be a rat.

Logan and Max arrive at the Willoughby Hotel in the Asstek. Max wonders which room Wendy had, but Logan doesn't know. Max wants to find out, but Logan is worried they will tip someone off that they're looking for Wendy. Max sasses that it will make things tough, and Logan tells her to watch and learn.

Max and Logan walk into the hotel. Logan tells the desk clerk that they are there with the Connor party for a hunting weekend. The desk clerk shows no reservation under that name. Logan suggests that his friend's girlfriend booked it under her name, but pretends like he can't remember her last name. Logan asks to take a look at the reservation screen. The desk clerk says that they have some extra vacancies, so it doesn't matter. Logan says that they will take a room, and keeps babbling about how annoying it is that he can't remember the girlfriend's name. The desk clerk relents and lets Logan take a look. Max looks as well, but there are no reservations for the whole week prior. Logan comments that it was a pretty quiet week. The desk clerk says that the weekends are busier, with people hunting. Max says bitchily, "So nobody? All week?" The desk clerk looks suspicious, and gives Max and Logan their room number.

As they walk to their room, Logan yells at Max for possibly tipping the desk clerk off. Max asks if Logan thinks that the desk clerk is a Familiar, one of White's buddies. Logan dials Wendy White's number with his cell phone. He and Max walks down the hall until they hear a phone ringing on the other end. Max breaks into the room. Logan notices that the door has been painted. Max points out the new phone jack as well. Max grabs a soda from the honor bar and laments how expensive it is. As she opens the soda, she notices a roll of film in the refrigerator door. Logan compliments her work, and there is some more dialogue, but it's really dumb, so I'm skipping it.

Some guys with guns run up on Sketchy in the sewer and tell him to freeze. They rush past Sketchy and start climbing a ladder. One of them radios to White and Otto that the subject is heading for daylight. White orders them to form a perimeter above ground. Sketchy follows the goons. A transgenic runs out into the street, with the goons not far behind. Sketchy follows with his camera. The transgenic tries to escape through an alley, but is blocked by White's car. The goons surround the transgenic. Sketchy catches up and starts snapping pictures. The goons use stun guns on the transgenic until he is out cold. White orders the goons to get the people out of there. White orders them to transport the transgenic to HQ. Sketchy runs off.

Logan and Max get the roll of film developed. The town sheriff walks in and greets them, asking if they are staying in the hotel. He heard there were visitors in town. Max says that they are just passing through. Sheriff Creepy stares at them for a while and then tells them to have a nice stay before ambling off. Max and Logan check out the first pictures from their roll of film -- a building. Logan notices some kids walking by outside, wearing school uniforms. Logan wonders if the building in the photos is a prep school. In one of the photos, Ray is looking out of the building's window. Sheriff Creepy sneaks up and asks Max and Logan if they have a kid up at Brookridge. Logan says yes while Max says no. Logan explains that they were driving by and thought it looked like the type of place that they might someday want to send their potential children, if they can afford it. Sheriff Creepy wonders how they got past the gate. Logan says that he took a wrong turn, and Max says that she gave him bad directions. They take off with their pictures, but Sheriff Creepy stops them because they forgot one. Max snatches it, and they take off. Sheriff Creepy stares creepily.

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Dark Angel




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