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Max and Logan walk outside. Logan tells Max to keep walking and act natural. The school kids are still walking by. One little boy turns and stares at Max, who stares back. Max tells Logan that she's getting the feeling this isn't your average boarding school. Logan wonders if the school is the breeding cult's version of Manticore. Max says that if it is, they don't know who all is involved in the town. Logan suggests that they find Wendy and Ray and split town. Max agrees. Meanwhile, Sheriff Creepy is behind them, watching them walk away. That dude is…creepy.

White and Otto check out the transgenic from earlier, who is now tied to a pipe in an office somewhere. White tells Otto to give the transgenic a last meal and then ship him out the next day so that Forensics can do an autopsy. White walks out, and Otto chases him down and gives him the skinny on Sketchy. White's phone rings, and it's clearly his boss. White tries to get out of a meeting due to "a family situation," but the boss isn't having it. White tells Otto that the director wants to talk about the "snafu" today, and White doesn't want to have to tell the director that there is some kid out there with photographs of the whole thing. Otto says that they have a lead -- one of the agents noticed a company logo on Sketchy's backpack. White orders Otto to find Sketchy, get rid of the film, and if Sketchy knows too much, get rid of him too. Otto agrees. White looks at his watch and comments that he was supposed to go see his son today, but now he won't be able to get out of town before rush hour.

Sketchy runs into Jam Pony HQ. OC says that he looks and smells like he just ran from Sector Three. Sketchy excitedly says that he saw a mutant and got photos. Alec takes Sketchy's camera off and hands it to OC while inviting Sketchy to sit down and tell them about it. Sketchy babbles on while OC discreetly exposes the film in his camera. She gives the camera back to Sketchy while shooting Alec a look to let him know that the mission was accomplished. Sketchy takes off. OC is sad for Sketchy, but it had to be done. Alec thanks her, and OC says that she did it for Max.

The director and White meet on a pier somewhere. The director yells at White for chasing a Manticore escapee in broad daylight. White protests that the transgenic "posed a clear and present danger to the public." The director says that if they couldn't make the capture discreetly, they should have let it go. White asks if they were supposed to wait until the transgenic ate someone's child. Yeah, that was just about to happen. The director tells White that he is out of line, and White says that the whole system's out of order. I mean, that the whole operation is out of line. The director lets us know that White's job is funded by the government, off the books. White says that his job is to capture transgenics, not cover someone's ass. The director gives us some backstory in the guise of threatening White: "If it got out that billions of tax dollars were diverted to a secret government program to build transgenic soldiers, well, that would be bad enough. But if it got out that millions more were being diverted to catch the damn things because they got away, it would be a disaster." The director adds that if this gets out, it could bring down the Committee itself. The director says that he doesn't care what White does with the transgenics, as long as they don't appear on the news. The director gets in his car and drives off.

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Dark Angel




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