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White's phone rings. It's his son, Ray. White says that he can't see Ray until "it" is finished. White assures Ray that things will be fine, just like Ray practiced. He promises Ray that they will see each other soon. White says goodbye and hangs up.

Logan and Max pull up outside the private school. Logan tells Max that if she's not out in an hour, he's coming in after her, and Max agrees. After watching Max walk off, Logan pulls up to the front door and asks the security guard for directions to provide a distraction while Max scales the school wall. The special effects in this part are really bad -- Max looks like a Claymation puppet climbing the wall. Logan sees that Max has made it inside, and pulls away.

Once inside, Max enters Ray's bedroom. His bed is empty. She picks up a book from his bedside table that is filled with strange symbols. She hears a noise in the hall, and creeps out to investigate. She sees a bunch of men in long brown monk-type robes walking down the hall, carrying candles. She follows them. The monks enter an underground lair, where a priestess is standing on an altar chanting and leading some sort of ceremony. The priestess is dressed in a red velvet robe and wearing white face make-up. Also, she is bald. I don't know if any of that is important, but I'm trying to give you a visual. All of the participants have black symbols painted on their faces. Ray White is led onto the altar. The priestess takes a giant sword out of a chest and chants some more. Then she lifts a couple of giant snakes out of the chest and holds them in the air. One of the snakes is laid on a table. The priestess takes a curved knife and cuts the snake's head off, then pours its blood into a chalice of some sort while Ray watches. She dips the knife in the snake's blood, and then turns to Ray. He pulls up his sleeve, baring his arm, and says some words in the mystical language. The priestess presses the butt end of the knife on Ray's arm. It leaves a mark that looks like a caduceus. Ray holds his arm up in the air, and he and the priestess chant a few words of celebration, I guess. One of the monks, a kid who looks only a little older than Ray, turns and uses telekinetic powers (I assume) to pull back a curtain and reveal Max skulking around in the hall. Max darts into the room and tries to grab Ray. The priestess hits her on the hand with the butt of the knife. Monks capture Max. That whole scene looked like a cable access show. I guess they blew the budget on the "Max climbing the wall" special effect. Sadly.

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Dark Angel




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