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At Crash, Sketchy is frustrated that none of his pictures turned out. Alec and OC make excuses for him. Sketchy thinks that he's "a loser who can't do anything right." Alec and OC try to cheer him up. Alec tells Sketchy that the tabloids make this stuff up. Sketchy says he thinks that Alec is right, but he really wants to believe it, because it would make his life more interesting, and thus him more interesting for reporting on it. OC says that Sketchy is interesting, but Sketchy is all depressed and drunk. He excuses himself. OC wants reassurance from Alec that they had to dash Sketchy's dreams. As Sketchy walks out, he is stopped by Otto. Sketchy pukes on Otto's shoes. Heh.

Sheriff Creepy questions Logan back at the station. Logan protests that he has a permit for his gun. Sheriff Creepy wants to know why Logan was at the school, and says that it must be about "the boy in the picture." He wonders if Logan is trying to kidnap the boy. Logan says that the sheriff has it all wrong. Sheriff Creepy says that it's his job to take care of the school and everyone in it, and asks again why Logan was there.

Max talks to Carrie Boy, who asks how she feels. Max feels fine. Carrie Boy says that it should have started by now, because it's already started with Ray. Max asks what he's talking about. Carrie Boy says that if Ray is one of them, he will live. Max thinks they should get a doctor. Carrie Boy says, "If he's not meant to survive, no one can help him." Max looks at the symbol on her hand and mentions that it's getting hot in there, and asks Carrie Boy to turn down the heat. Carrie Boy says cheerfully that he's there to watch Max die.

Otto and the goons bring a blindfolded Sketchy into a warehouse, force him into a chair, and start questioning him. Otto says that he wants the film from the camera. Sketchy says that the pictures didn't come out. Otto isn't buying it. Sketchy says that he's upset too, because he's a reporter and the incident would have made a great story. Otto wonders exactly what Sketchy saw. Sketchy admits that it could have been someone in a Halloween mask. Otto finds out that Sketchy works for a tabloid, and just wanted to make up a story, and figures that Sketchy is harmless. Otto tells one of the goons to let Sketchy go.

Logan tells Sheriff Creepy that there is something dangerous going on at the school, and asks if the sheriff has noticed anything unusual going on. The sheriff resists at first, but then agrees that he has.

Max lies on the floor of her cell, panting, and telling Carrie Boy how thirsty she is. She begs him to get her some water. He says that it won't do her any good. Max says that she's going to die anyway, so why not honor her request.

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Dark Angel




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