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White arrives at the school and goes to see his unconscious son, who is still being watched over by Shorthair. White bends down and whispers some words in the mystical language. A guy who looks like a Chubby Stephen Weber puts his hand on White's back. White turns around and tells Chubby Weber that he didn't know he would be here, and he's honored. Shorthair says that Ray is weak, and she would be surprised if he survives. Chubby Weber apologizes to White and reminds him of their destiny. White says that Ray is his only son. Chubby Weber reminds White that this is how it's always been. White stares, open-mouthed as usual. Shorthair tells White to go see the captive Max, and she'll call him if there is any change in Ray's condition.

Carrie Boy gets Max a cup of water. He has to unlock the cell door to hand her the water. Max rushes out. Carrie Boy commands, "Stop!" and Max stops. He uses his telekinesis to pin Max against a wall and then lift her up in the air so that she can't go anywhere. Uh-oh. Carrie Boy is angry. Max asks if his head will explode if he holds her up there long enough. He drops her to the floor. She tries to get away, and he slams her against the wall. Carrie Boy tells Max that she can't win. Max replies, "Really? Not even if I do this?" She pulls up her shirt and flashes him. Oh, for God's sack. The kid is, like, eleven. He has the mental fortitude to hold Max up in the air, but he can't concentrate when he sees boobies? Anyway, Max escapes. Max sees a monk walking down the hall carrying a tray, and follows.

White leaves the room where a bunch of monks are chanting over Ray. As he leaves, he passes Max walking in. He doesn't recognize her because she's now wearing the monk's robe. Max gets into the room and enters a tent where Shorthair is watching over Ray. Max grabs Shorthair, choking her. None of the other monks heard that happening? I guess they were too busy chanting.

White enters the room where Max was being held and finds Carrie Boy lying on the floor. He runs back to where Ray was, and sees the empty table. Cut to Max carrying Ray fireman-style outside the school. White comes up behind her and points his gun at her, ordering her to put Ray down. Max asks if he would shoot her through his own son. Just then, Logan and Sheriff Creepy pull up in the sheriff's truck. Max takes advantage of the distraction to run off. Sheriff Creepy orders White to drop the gun. White shoots at (and misses) Sheriff Creepy. Then White turns back to find Max missing. Logan hops behind the wheel of the truck and knocks White onto the lawn. Max jumps into the truck with Ray. White lies on the ground for a minute, then gets up and shakes it off. Logan orders Sheriff Creepy (who is not so creepy anymore) into the truck. They take off. White shoots his gun ineffectually, like, if he's so super-powered, couldn't he hit a tire or something?

Sketchy walks into Jam Pony HQ. Normal makes a comment about the goons, and Sketchy can't believe that Normal gave him up. Alec and OC ask Sketchy if he's okay. Sketchy tells them about being questioned by the goons. Sketchy spins his new theory -- that the government wouldn't have questioned him if he didn't really see something. Sketchy holds up his camera and says, "The mutants exist. And I'm going to prove it." Alec and OC are worried.

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Dark Angel




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