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Chubby Weber and Shorthair have removed their make-up and are talking to White. They can't understand how Max was exposed and managed to live. White says that Sandeman's work at Manticore must have progressed further than they thought. Chubby Weber says that they need to find out if the other transgenics are immune as well. White promises that he will deal with Max and the other transgenics, but he needs to find out what happened to Ray. Shorthair doubts that Ray survived. White needs to know. Chubby Weber gives White permission to do what he has to do, but find out what is going on, because this could jeopardize their whole operation. They exit the school. Shorthair comments that it's too bad they have to leave the school after all this time. Chubby Weber says that they'll have to find somewhere else, and calls to Carrie Boy (whose real name is Samuel -- would it have killed them to tell us his name before now?). Samuel uses his mind to close the school door.

White walks into the cell where the transgenic they captured earlier while Sketchy watched is being held. He busts out a knife and tells the transgenic that this won't hurt. White opens a briefcase to reveal a snake and tells the transgenic that if they're lucky, it will kill him. Doesn't he need that special knife with the symbol? Or is it just the snake's blood that kills weak members of the program? I guess it's just the blood.

Logan and Max watch over a sleeping Ray in Logan's apartment. Logan says that Ray's blood work came back and he'll be fine. Logan says that Ray was exposed to a virus or pathogen, and Max figures that the snakes are carriers of the bug. Logan says that Ray's immune system kicked in with the right antibodies. Max says that Shorthair said it was a test. Logan points out that Max was exposed and didn't die, and Max says sarcastically that she's now an honorary member. They discuss how Samuel must have been part of a special breeding line to have telekinetic powers. Max feels bad for Ray. Logan says that Wendy's sister is on her way down to take Ray "as far away from White" as is possible. Ray wakes up and rubs his eyes. He asks if he passed the test, and if he's strong. Max looks sad and tells him that he's fine. Logan asks Ray why he needs to be strong. Ray says, "For The Coming." Logan asks what that means, and Ray says, "Nobody ever told me, yet. Except it's bad if you're not one of us." Max and Logan look worried for like ten minutes before they finally cut the scene.

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Dark Angel




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