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Freak Nation

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Freak Nation

Police cars appear behind the two vans, sirens blaring. They order the vans to pull over. Max tells Logan to keep driving. Sketchy wonders what he should do, and OC tells him to follow Max. Max tells Logan to bust through the gate, so he does. Sketchy and the cop cars follow. They are now in Terminal City. Max gives Logan some directions that take the vans into a parking garage. So now they're trapped. Great plan, Max. The cop cars stop, and the cops come out of their cars. Clemente orders the fugitives to throw their weapons out and show their hands. Mole asks what the plan is now. Max says they should follow orders. Alec says, "I fought the law and the law won." Not only would Alec not know that song, Jensen Ackles probably doesn't know it either. Unless he knows it from that Cheers episode where Sam kept walking around with it blaring on a boombox.

The transgenic gang throws their weapons out and steps out with their hands up. Clemente orders them to get down on their knees with their hands on their heads. They all do, except for Max, who walks slowly towards the cops. She would have been so shot by now. Clemente suggests that she get down on the ground. Max tells him that he should probably go. Clemente says he won't tell her again. Max says she won't tell him again. Clemente notices that they are suddenly surrounded by all of the other transgenics, the other residents of Terminal City. The cops are in fact fully hemmed by an army of armed transgenics. Max says that the cops can try to arrest them all, but it probably won't work. Clemente realizes that it's time to retreat. The cops leave. Clemente stays and compliments Max on keeping the incident from turning into a bloodbath. Max says that Clemente held up his end of the bargain too. Clemente tells Max that the whole thing is way above his head, and the outcome depends on decisions that she makes now. Then Clemente leaves, and Max looks "pensive." Mole orders everyone to "escape and evade." Max thinks they should stay there. Mole points out that the perimeter of Terminal City will be locked down shortly, and they will be surrounded by tanks and the National Guard. Dix and Runty agree with Mole. Max asks where they're going to go. She can't stop anyone from leaving, but she's through being afraid. Max gives a big pep talk about how they were made to be soldiers, and now it's time for the government to take responsibility for those actions. Max says that she's "proud to be a freak," and that they should make a stand. She asks who is with her, and raises a fist in the air. Joshua does too. Slowly, everyone else raises his or her fist. Even Mole. God, that's so cheesy. It would have been funny if Gem were holding up her baby's fist, though.

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