Dark Angel
Freak Nation

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Freak Nation

Normal is interviewed about his experiences on television. He says that the transgenics are not monsters, and then yells at one of his messengers.

The same reporter from the opening does a stand-up in front of Terminal City, describing this as the third day of the standoff. There are several hundred transgenics inside, and police and National Guard outside. Cut to Joshua and two other people raising the Freak Flag up on the roof in very disrespectful Iwo Jima monument style. The transgenics stand on the roof and stare up at their flag. Gem looks down at her baby. Logan and Max hold gloved hands. So are they back together or what? And did OC and Sketchy get out? And what about Alec? I guess we'll have to wait until next season to find out.

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Dark Angel




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