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Freak Nation

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Freak Nation

Max answers her cell phone to find Joshua on the other end, yelling about how everything is "FUBAR." Max asks Joshua where he is. Joshua explains, and Max tells him to go to Jam Pony HQ, which is nearby, and get Alec to find him a car. Joshua's phone dies during this exchange, so he only heard the part about going to Jam Pony HQ. The group consisting of Joshua, Mole, Gem, and Dalton runs to Jam Pony HQ, but some cops see them and give chase. The group arrives outside Jam Pony HQ just as Alec is exiting. Joshua puts his hood up, but Alec is still nervous to be seen with a group of transgenics. Joshua tries to explain the situation, but the cops show up and block their exit. The cops order Mole to drop his weapon. Mole grabs Alec and uses him as a shield. Joshua does the same with Gem. They drag their "hostages" into Jam Pony HQ and shut the door behind them. Alec tells Mole not to let anyone know that he's a transgenic. Normal is upset that they've captured his "boy." The group tries to get out the back exit, but the cops are out there as well. Alec takes a bullet in the upper part of his left arm. When the group retreats, they are met by Normal, who is training a gun on them. Normal tells Alec that he's safe now. Alec quickly runs over and disarms Normal, who is shocked and stunned that his "boy" is a transgenic. One of the messengers makes a break for it, and CeCe clotheslines him and yells out that no one should move. Sketchy is psyched to hear that CeCe is "one of them too." Alec quickly takes control, ordering CeCe to call the base and say that they're in trouble. Alec orders Joshua to watch the front and Mole to watch the back, and tells Dalton to go upstairs and keep an eye on the street. Normal still can't believe that Alec is a mutant. Alec answers, "We prefer 'genetically empowered.'"

A hoverdrone flies by outside. Dalton runs upstairs and looks out the window. The police use a bullhorn to command the hostage-takers to throw their weapons out and come out with their hands up. Max arrives on the scene, atop a nearby building. She spots the hoverdrone and…oh, I can't really talk about it. She jumps atop the hoverdrone and surfs it over to Jam Pony HQ. It's so incredibly lame and cheesy, and the special effects are just awful. And it goes on way too long. And the CGI shots look more like Joshua than Max. I hate James Cameron. Max busts through the window and rides the hoverdrone to a complete stop on the floor. Is it a good idea to bring a hoverdrone into the building? Did she break it? Will it still be able to take pictures? This seems like one of those ideas that James Cameron threw out at a story meeting, and because he's the boss, no one felt they could say no, but behind his back, they rolled their eyes.

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