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Freak Nation

Some time has passed, and CeCe shows up to take over the watch from Mole. The hostages sit around and watch television, like, is it a good idea to let your hostages watch reports about their own situation and thus allow the police or other authorities to send them messages? No. No, it's not. Alec is too busy getting his arm bandaged by Dalton to care. Max walks over and asks OC how Gem is doing. Gem insists that she can still move if they need to get out. Mole walks in and yells at one of the hostages (the same messenger who got a fake bar code last week) for standing up. Fake Bar Code has to go to the bathroom. Sketchy takes a picture of Mole, and Mole points his gun at him. Max defuses the situation and tells Fake Bar Code to go to the bathroom. Mole wants to know who put Max in charge. Max says that the hostages are not their enemies, but Mole isn't so sure about that. Max looks around and sees everyone staring at her. Normal says that he always knew that Max was "a wrong number." Sketchy points out that Normal didn't notice that he was running "Transgenic Central." I guess Sketchy isn't going to betray the transgenics after all. Max realizes that something needs to be done to help the situation, and starts to make a speech about how things are tense. Bitchy Pigtail Messenger snarks, "Gee, I wonder why?" While I'm all for snarking at Max, is it a good idea to bitch at your armed captors? So, shut up, Bitchy Pigtail. Max asks the hostages to "sit tight and be patient," and the transgenics will be out of there soon. Normal stands and says that the hostages are leaving now. Mole trains his gun on Normal, creating a standoff. OC stands up and tells Normal to "sit [his] raggedy ass down." OC can be on the Dark Alec spin-off too. I'm still on the fence about Normal. Normal thinks that OC must be a transgenic too. OC says that she's not, but she's a friend to them, and if the hostages leave, the transgenics are in trouble. Normal doesn't care. OC does, and she thinks that the other messengers should too. OC also doesn't want anyone else to get hurt. Normal backs down.

Logan is still trying to translate the runes at his apartment. The television news starts reporting on the hostage situation at Jam Pony HQ, and Logan sits up in time to see the footage of Max surfing on the Hoverdrone. You know that James Cameron was so proud of that idea that he figured out a way to show the footage twice. Logan stands up and starts to run off to Max's rescue, but then he remembers his new super-powered exoskeleton. Then there's like a ten-minute montage of Logan putting on the exoskeleton that I think we're supposed to think is really cool and stuff, but really it's just boring. Also, Logan's exoskeleton makes a lot of noise now, and it seems like it would be difficult for him to sneak up on anyone.

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